The Vegan Trainer’s Heart Disease Changed His Life

It’s easy to give up on everything when a disease strikes and takes control of your life. It not only attacks the body, but also the mind, making it weak and feeble. So many people succumb to their illness, turn to doctors and hope for the best. But it takes will power, determination and a lot of strength to make a real difference. Tay Sweat is a beacon of hope for everyone battling serious diseases and an inspiration on how to overcome them.

Growing up, Sweat was never really conscious about what he was eating. Back then, it was a matter of survival, so he would eat whatever he could get his hands on. But all that unhealthy eating was seriously deteriorating his health. At the age of 15, Sweat weighed 315 pounds! If that wasn’t enough, he also had diabetes, several heart conditions, hypertension and eczema. With so many diseases hitting him all at once, Sweat came to a realization.

“I felt that my life was in danger and I knew I had to change how I was living,” Sweat said. Then he decided to turn his life around. He started doing a lot of research on health, nutrition and the diseases he was affected with. He changed his eating habits and started seeing the difference. In a span of three years, Sweat dropped 120 pounds with fasting and healthy eating. The road to changing his habits and losing all that weight was not easy. But Sweat knew that in order to get healthy, he had to make a drastic change in his lifestyle.

Even after losing all that weight, Sweat didn’t stop. All that healthy eating encouraged him to pursue healthy living as a profession. But when he went to college, he realized that traditional health and fitness education wasn’t meant for him. So he turned to some eastern doctors who gave him their guidance and mentorship. They taught him everything they knew and now Sweat has a plethora of degrees to his name.

He applied all the knowledge he had gained and completed his weight loss journey. He turned to a plant-based diet and at 21, Sweat had rid himself of diabetes, hypertension, his various heart conditions and eczema. After years of hardships and struggle, Sweat was finally 100% healthy and fit. After transforming his own life, he realized that he could help many other people live a better life too. He knew this was his calling. Since then, Sweat has helped over 4,000 clients across the world. He has treated clients from the US, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia and many other countries.

Sweat has learned everything there is to know about Holistic Nutrition, Medical Astrology and Iridology. Apart from that, he also is a Weight Loss Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and NASM Certified personal trainer. Tay Sweat, popularly known as The Vegan Trainer is dedicated to the cause. “I want people, when they see me, to see the difference eating a lot of plants can have,” Sweat said.

We’ve seen many inspiring flab to fab stories on social media, but Sweat’s story of losing weight, ridding himself of multiple diseases and taking control of his own life is truly one of a kind.


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