Aundrey Ricks Leaves an Impact on a City That Never Sleeps

Aundrey Ricks and legendary movie producer Spike Lee discuss the NBA Draft. Spike Lee has produced major films for decades. To this day he is still producing phenomenal films that are highly successful. 

One thing Mr. Ricks and Spike Lee has in common is being a New York Knicks fan.  Aundrey had the opportunity to work with New York’s superstar Stephon Marbury as he was getting back in shape to a have a phenomenal career over in China (as a Beijing Ducks). Stephon Marbury quoted, “When I got a chance to meet Dre and be around him and play with him, he helped me playing one-on-one, he helped me when we played pick-up, him going at me. I was trying to get my competitive juices back when I got back into playing basketball after I took off a year and a half. He was one of the people who played a role in my life as far as my comeback to playing basketball.”  

This is only one reason why Aundrey was a Knicks fan, not to mention his long term friend and high school AAU teammate was drafted by the New York Knicks in 2007.    Aundrey has achieved tremendous success and serves as an excellent role model.  Ricks looks at the blueprint Lee and others have set for success and uses it towards his own business endeavors. 

Aundrey Ricks has traveled all around the world. His elite I.Q. as a guard makes him the perfect candidate for pro athletes to get better on and off the court. Aundrey is a perfect figure to relate too the sports market due to his athletic background. He recognizes the intensity pro basketball players play with because he played with that same intensity in college. He was a top guard at Western Michigan University and has even made Sports Centers top 10 highlights plays. He understands the heartache when it comes to fighting through adversity, his name rings bells as one of the top philanthropist in many different categories.   

Mr. Rickswillinging-ness and determination gained him access and connections all over the world. The Raw Impact brand has also been endorsed by a large number of rising stars. In this process this had led to other business ventures outside of sports. 

Ricks currently has his own sports facility that is located in Las Vegas, NV.  He opened the Raw Impact gym in Las Vegas, Nevada for one strictly purpose to help the youth reach their dreams by leading by example. “When Ricks was a kid growing up in Detroit, he could have only imagined being able to sit next to someone and change the way they feel about themselves or a situation.  However, his hard work has him making many of his dreams a reality, when asked about the experience to making his dreams come true Ricks said “Sometimes it pays off just to do stuff the right way. There’s no short   cuts!” To this day Ricks believes this concept and carries it with him in his everyday life.

(Aundrey Ricks photoed with his wife Talibah Ricks?


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