Personal branding is crucial, says Sam Jacobs

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Personal branding is an action in the lives of entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches and those with several other professions that create tons of benefits. It allows people to self-manage their lives without having to depend on others. A personal brand is an important part of one’s career. Young and successful business people can be found making it big with whatever they are trying to sell through personal branding.

Sam Jacobs, a New Yorker, is making a name for himself in the field of e-commerce and marketing and helping other entrepreneurs through personal branding. One of the seven siblings and a student of Mesivta Yesodei Yeshurun High School, Sam has been able to generate over $ 1.5 million revenue through an e-commerce business.

Sam who keeps on travelling the globe to share his ideas and stories with millions of others like him believes that, personal branding is something that motivates a person to achieve success. It makes feel people comfortable while working and establishes trust among colleagues. Sam said personal branding is crucial as it creates clear and genuine intentions, a must to win trust of clients.

Sam currently has thousands of students across the globe and multi-millionaires like Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez has endorsed the ideas of this business prodigy. “Being super productive and networking are the two most important features of my work. Personal branding helps us create connections in varied fields. It aids a person to establish their name as a recognised expert in respective fields and build a lasting impression for their contribution. These are very much associated with the awareness of the targeted market,” said Sam while listing some of the major advantages of having a personal brand for entrepreneurs.

Before trying his hands in a couple of online ventures, Sam finally found his eureka in shopify drop shipping where one can create their own website or online shop and sell things across the world without having any inventory at all. Sam said that creating his personal brand helped him gain a lot of confidence as well. Personal branding, Sam explained, emphasizes the strengths of an individual and gives them ideas where they want to channelize their expertise, it helps a person to be authentic about his role and contribution makes him focussed on his strengths and abilities.

Sam believes that effective personal branding helps one stand out from the competition, a requisite to create a long-lasting bond with prospective clients and customers. The marketing genius has already realised and understood that one doesn’t get a second chance to create the first impression, therefore, a personal brand should be very strong and unique that make people talk about you and your products. Since personal branding is also beneficial from the employers’ perspective, Sam thinks that every organisation should encourage its employees to create their personal brands.

The 18-year-old’s ideas and style of working have already earned him over 85 thousand followers on Instagram. The marketing expert has travelled the length and breadth of the US to share his success story.


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