Top 10 Ways to get an Upgrade to First Class for free

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Flying in the first-class cabins can make your air travel much better and comfortable. If you are travelling solo or with family, it’s better to opt for the first-class cabins in order to enjoy the best services offered by the airlines.

If you love flying the first-class cabins, then it’s not necessary for you to pay a lump sum to get an upgrade in the flight.

First-class airline tickets usually cost about five times more than what you pay for the economy class tickets; however, the services you enjoy in the first-class cabins cannot be compared with the ones you enjoy in the economy class.

As per statistics are concerned, there are about 10,400 passengers who travelled across countries last year.

During a survey conducted in the year of 2015 and 2016, it was found that about 67.4 percent of the passengers prefer flying in the first class or business class cabins. If we compare it with today’s market conditions, then the percentage will be standing at around 70 percent of passengers prefer to fly in business class.

However, with the prices going higher every single day, it is very difficult for you to opt for the business class tickets.

To assist you in getting a free upgrade in the aircraft, we have come up with some interesting ways to help you out. You can follow the below-mentioned methods to get an upgrade within the flight for free.

  1.    Dress properly –

The first thing you need to do is dress appropriately while flying.

You need not have to put on your suits or blazers every single time to show that you belong to the business class. Just a simple attire with some decency will help you in getting an upgrade.

What matters is you to maintain professional behaviour within the flight. So, if there are some vacant seats in the business class, the flight attendant might upgrade your ticket to first-class.

  1.    Ask for it –

Sometimes you will have to fight for something you want. It’s similar to the case of asking for an upgrade voluntarily rather than waiting for someone to approach you.

When you are checking in at the airport, you can ask your agent to inquire if the airline service providers are upgrading their passengers at a certain point in time.

If they are, then you can ask for an upgrade. Make sure to be polite while talking to the customer representative.

If you are flying in United Airlines, then make sure to have all the documents at hand including your passport, visa, and United Airlines boarding pass to successfully board the plane without any discomfort.

Also, if you are looking for a hassle-free booking to the desired destination, visit, a user-friendly platform that provides the best air travel services to all the travellers and seekers with the additional advantage of special offers and flight deals.

  1.    Reach early –

The best part of reaching early to the check-in point is you can ask what you want.

Instead of focusing on getting the attention of your agent or flight attendants who are busy with the other passengers, you can show up quite early to your scheduled timing and be the first person to ask for an upgrade.

The number of upgrades usually available in a flight is minimal.

You can face a lot of competition if you reach late and mind up losing an opportunity of the upgrade.

  1.    Travel solo –

If you want to enjoy the upgrade services, then you might have to travel alone.

As the maximum number of upgrades that a flight can accommodate is hardly two, there are high possibilities that if you are travelling solo, then they might consider you first.

If you are a frequent traveller, your odds to not get the upgradation is quite minimal as your agent or flight attendants will know you or will have seen you multiple times.

Ensure to have a friendly conversation with the agents and flight attendants so that they will consider you while upgrading people from economy to the first class.

  1.    Travel during peak hours –

If the passengers in the economy class are more than the optimal number, the possibilities of getting an upgrade to move up the ladder.

Airlines usually upgrade people by making room during the flight is on the air or as they oversell the tickets.

Hence, travelling during peak hours not only helps you in getting an upgrade at lower prices but also ensures that you have a smooth flight.

  1.    Sit in the middle seat –

Image Source – mashable

If the flight attendant notices that you are having trouble sitting in the seat allocated to you, then he or she might consider you for an upgrade.

This can only happen if you are sitting in the middle seat or next to a passenger who is carrying a baby along with him or her.

The flight attendant will allow you to sit in your desired seat in such cases so that you can enjoy your travel and be comfortable during the journey.

It’s also necessary for you to keep in mind that to get an upgrade, you shouldn’t be disturbing the fellow passengers or the flight attendants quite often.

If the flight attendant found that you are deliberately disturbing the people, then you will definitely not be upgraded to the first class cabins.

  1.    Give up your seat to someone else who needs it –

When the agent at the gate asks the passengers, who are wishing to leave their seat for someone needy, it’s better for you to raise your hand in order to win an easy upgrade.

Showing gratitude to leave your seat for someone else who is in need will not only help you in winning the hearts of the people but also the flight attendants.

They will upgrade you to the first-class if there are any vacant seats and if they are convinced with your attitude and behaviour. This may happen during the case of a flight delay as well.

  1.    Check the seating arrangement –

When you are seating down making sure that your armrest, tray tables or recliners are properly working, it’s essential to check the seat belts as well.

If there are is an issue with the seating accessories, you can immediately contact the people responsible for this and win an easy upgrade.

  1.    Check your loyalty club points –

Image Source – pymnts

Even when you are not a frequent traveller, it’s doesn’t mean that you are not a part of the elite loyalty club.

Review the points you own, and if it’s eligible to get an upgrade, you can ask for it.

  1.    Make the flight attendants aware if there is any special occasion –

If it’s your anniversary or your birthday or any other special event, let the flight attendants and your agents know about the occasion.

You never know when the attendants or the agents can surprise you with an upgrade to make your special occasion more special and memorable.

Final Words

That ends our list of some of the ways you can get a free upgrade from economy to business class.

It’s not always necessary to act needy for an upgrade in the flight; rather you can focus on winning hearts of the people and flight attendants who will voluntarily give you an upgrade, and maybe sometimes free of cost.

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