The best lighting fixtures you need in your home

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Lighting is actually one of the most important home fixtures, although it is usually forgotten about during the decoration process. The use of lighting can completely transform a room from a small and cramped space to a large and spacious area in your home, where you can entertain, as well as unwind.

To enhance the look of your home, you should take a look at these lighting design ideas which will brighten up your living space in no time.

Light dimmers

When choosing your lights, it is important to select a design that will allow you to change the level of lighting. This can be achieved with dimmer lights, which can be bought with your lights or separately. Dimmer switches are perfect for toning down a room that is too bright, which is ideal at night when you want to settle down after a long day at work.

Using a dimmer is not only great at creating the perfect aesthetic but can also help you reduce your energy usage, pay fewer bills, and cut down replacement costs for bulbs. This is because dimmers last a lot longer than your typical light switch, as they work to extend the life of your bulbs by reducing the amount of light in your home.

Smart lighting

If you haven’t already, you should definitely invest in smart lighting, which like dimmers can help you save energy and reduce your bills. There are different types of smart lighting, although at the moment remote-operated lighting has taken over, due to the ease and efficiency it offers. This works by connecting your smartphone or home hub to your lighting, which allows you to switch your lights on or off even when you’re away from home. This is ideal for anyone who tends to forget to switch off their lights or can be used as a theft-deterring tool, as you can turn on your lights to make it appear as though someone is home. 

Property companies like RW Invest utilise automated smart lighting in their luxury apartments. These are operated by sensors, so the lights only switch on when you enter the room and turn off when nothing is detected. You could consider using this type of lighting as an outdoor security feature, which will not only protect your home but will also highlight your property’s exterior. This is ideal in the winter when it is difficult to see night and also beneficial in the summer when you invite guests round for a garden party.

Illuminated centrepieces

No home is complete without at least one statement ceiling light. Before choosing the right light for your home, you should consider your current decor and what will work well. For example, in your dining room, you could consider investing in low-hanging pendulum lights, which will help you work in the latest industrial chic style, which is very popular this year.

If you have a staircase with high ceilings, you should shop around for an affordable chandelier, which will create a luxury hotel feel while also illuminating even the narrowest staircase.

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