Don’t Miss Out On Free VPN Accounts from PureVPN

No, you are not hallucinating. And, nor do your eyes are tricking you. More importantly, it is not a gimmick. It is an offer that you can surely avail and enjoy…only if you make haste.

VPN users are spread across the globe. After all, VPN has become a multi-billion dollar industry and so there are hordes of services now available out there. But, you can’t see any premium service offering free accounts.

Good news for you is that PureVPN does!

The leading VPN service in town is now offering free monthly accounts. If you wish to avail the deal, read on to find out more about the deal and how you can get it.

Why You Need a VPN?

Before we proceed, it would be better if we give a little overview to those who still doesn’t know about a VPN and its many benefits. VPN services were initially created for data protection purposes only. After all, these services encrypt the data, making it inaccessible to every prying eye.

Over the years, the need of the VPN grew because of its many benefits other than encryption. For starters, these tools can be considered as the best privacy tool out there. VPNs anonymize your internet activities, hide what you do online and even mask your location.

Combine the privacy feature of a VPN with encryption, you get a tool that keeps your protected against not only privacy violators but also cybercriminals.

The anonymity feature of the tool can help you in many other instances as well. For instance, you can unblock any website or application that is either geo-restricted or censored by the country.

Moreover, you can spoof your location to gain access to content that is released in other country first. For example, online games can buy games that are pre-released in limited countries.

VPNs can also help in those situations where we see the online price discrimination issues such as flight booking or hotel reservation web services.

Don’t think that the VPN benefits end here just because we have stopped here. Anyway, you can get many things done with a VPN than you can without it.

Get Free Monthly Account Invites

Considered as the top-tier service, PureVPN is celebrating its 12th anniversary by offering B1G12 deal. It means that for the price of one, you can get up to 12 invites for free monthly accounts that worth $100+.

The Buy One Gift 12 (B1G12) deal is the perfect opportunity for those who wish to help their loved ones get online data security and privacy. Be it your friends, family members or colleagues, you can now send them free monthly accounts without paying extra money.

Here’s how you can avail the B1G12 deal:

  • First of all, subscribe to PureVPN
  • Log in to the Member Area
  • You will see the invitation section
  • Fill out the form and invite up to 12 lucky people
  • That’s all!

If you hurry now, you can even get a big discount on its yearly account and get the VPN for a fraction of the cost.


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