Give your home a little love with these budget-beating tips

Whether you’ve just taken ownership of your first home and want it to make it your own, or are thinking of selling your existing property and want to get the best price without investing too much in making upgrades, there are dozens of inexpensive DIY projects that can help you achieve your goal. We take a look at just a few that add loads of impact and make your home a nicer place to spend time in without breaking the bank.

Step one – spend a weekend decluttering

If you’re putting your house or apartment on the market, creating as decluttered an environment as possible make it easier for potential buyers to envision putting their own stamp on the place. And on the other hand, if you’re not thinking of going anywhere, a clean, organized space helps create a sense of calm and order – and it doesn’t have to cost you a cent. Get familiar with some of the amazingly clever storage hacks out there, sell or give away the stuff you never use, and your home and heart will feel lighter! 

Give old appliances some love

When the budget is tight, splurging for new shiny appliances just doesn’t make sense – especially if your old ones are still working fine for your needs. Spending a little cash getting them serviced or repaired by a reputable company like Fixitt Appliance Repairs so they last for years to come is a wise investment – and a greener one too! Then it’s time to get creative with paint, tape or perhaps even a little glitter and some pretty decals to give them a whole new lease on life and buckets of character to boot.

Add value and style with crown molding the easy way

Crown molding adds a sense of style and sophistication to any room and is always a winner with house-hunters. Traditionally however, it hasn’t been an easy thing to install yourself unless you’re pretty comfortable with a miter saw! Thankfully, there are now some easy to install versions made from plaster-coated polystyrene foam on the market which are lightweight and simple to put up – perfect for a weekend project.

Add a lick of paint

No matter what room you want to improve, paint will always be one of the first stops for any would-be DIY enthusiast! From repainting outdated ceramic tiles or tubs in the bathroom for a more modern feel, to brightening the kitchen with some new-looking and stylish cabinet doors, adding an exciting accent wall in the living room or creating a better-matched theme by painting old furniture, there’s a world of possibility out there. 

Light up dark corners

Come night time, having the right lighting can create mood and ambience, transforming your home into a safe, cozy retreat or a sophisticated space for entertaining! Spend some time identifying areas that could use better lighting and shopping around for some budget-beating fixes. Halogen lights on a rail are a great way to highlight that beloved artwork or shadowy space, and affordable LED lights in every shade of the rainbow can add character and color to complement any room. To make your budget stretch even further, combine clever lighting with some cheap mirrors to bounce light around the room where you need it. 

Give wooden floors and furniture a makeover

Another great project for those taking their first steps into the world of DIY, learn the art of treating and restoring wooden items. Thanks to the great range of wood stains, treatments and varnishes out there, you can completely transform those thrift store finds into items that look like you’ve spent a fortune on them – and best of all, they’ll last for decades to come – and wood never goes out of style! Floors, cabinets, doors and furniture are all great candidates – and all it takes is a little time, sanding and elbow grease.

Get into the garden

When you’ve got more time than cash available, a great place to spend it is in the garden! From creating some cheap raised beds for veggies or feature flowers, upcycling old tiles or concrete to create paths and walkways, adding affordable window boxes, building your own bird or butterfly feeder, or getting creative with some super cheap landscaping ideas, there are oodles of ways to get your creativity growing!      

Create a project list and keep going!

If you’re new to something, it’s always best to start small and build on your skills as you go – and DIY is no exception. Start a list of all the items you’d like to tackle, then do some research and figure out which ones will be the easiest to start with. Along the way, you’ll pick up tricks and tips, as well as inspiration for bigger and better things!


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