Why Are High-Security Deadbolts Important for Home Security?

As per data given by FBI, there were nearly 1.9 million burglaries which occurred in the US till the end of the year 2013. These burglaries were estimated to have caused a property loss of $4.5 million. Out of these burglaries, nearly 59 per cent were break-ins with forced entries. Apart from that, nearly 74 per cent were residential burglaries which occurred during the daytime. Though installation of alarm systems can enhance the security level; as per the advice of a reputable locksmith Atlanta, high-quality deadbolts are one of the best resistance which can be installed in one’s home.

Basically, the deadbolts are steel locks which extend into the door jamb alongside the strike plate of the door frame. This arrangement makes it difficult for an intruder to enter a home using force. A home with properly working deadbolts is less preferable for burglars.

About the deadbolt

The deadbolts comprise of three parts which include a key accessible cylinder on the internal side, the throw bolts sliding in and out of the door jam inside the home. All these deadbolt locks are made from either steel, bronze and brass materials. Make sure you avoid die-cast materials because these are easy to break.

Various kinds of deadbolts

Cylinder deadbolt: Some of the commonest kinds of deadbolts used in homes include the cylinder deadbolt which operates using twist knob. On the inside of the door alongside a keyhole on the outside. The bolt is addressed as dead because it has to be removed manually in order to move it in and out of the place by means of a knob. Doors with glass panels again would lead to a breach of security in the entry door. The glass panel may be broken and the intruder can then access the deadbolt from the inside.

Double cylinder: In case you get a double cylinder bolt installed, you would not be having any breach in the security of the entry door with glass panels. However, the bolt requires a key operating on both the sides of the door and lends double security. However, most people do not prefer this kind of a deadbolt due to their concern for a safe exit in case of a fire.

When the double cylinder deadbolt is in the locking position, you would need a key to exit. However, it may deter a quick concern if a key is lost.

It is imperative that you keep a key close to the door but it should be out of arm’s reach from the door. However, keep in mind that there are some building codes which may bar you from the installation of the deadbolts which require key for door opening on the inside. Your locksmith Atlanta can give you an insight regarding the same.

You may also consider the throw bolt aspect to determine the difference in the security risk between a vertical and a horizontal throw.

Remember, not all deadbolts are made equal. The best policy is to pick up deadbolt systems which are highly effective in overcoming the problem of these systems. The deadbolt systems which are equipped with advanced systems like Schlage 760 exhibit high resistance to bumping and picking, even when it is handled by an experienced locksmith Atlanta. The advanced locking systems can withstand various kinds of wrenching, hammering, and other things.

What kind of a door you have?

Just like other factors, it is equally important to select the right kind of door type alongside a high-security deadbolt. Most of the strong steel clad doors are equipped with solid wood cores or a corrugated metal bracing or other kinds of strong steel cladding. Ultimately, a reinforced door frame on the lock and the hinge would have the ability to withstand battering, kicking and ramming actions.

When using glass, make sure it is reinforced and the windows should preferably be small and also located further from the lock. Those who are more concerned about the style of the windows can prefer the addition of the alarm or the home security system. However, keep in mind that these security measures may not prove as effective as the deadbolts.

What is the role of the door frame?

It is usually the door frame which breaks off during attacks of intrusion. The door generally remains unaffected. It is observed that the door jamb generally flies off through the air and gets easily broken when it is not screwed in the right way. One of the important things for preventing this from happening is through the installation of the sturdy 3-inch screws for reinforcing the strike plates into the studs of the door frame.

You would be surprised to find out that unlocked doors account for a large number of burglaries in the US.  Apart from this, there are homes where the locks are so weak that a simple kick is enough to break open the door.

Seeking advance from a Top Atlanta Locksmith can give you a great insight on what kind of deadbolts would be the most suitable for ensuring complete security of your premises.

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