Military Notebook Computer – Global Market Research & Forecast, 2019-2025

Rugged Computer - tactical technology

A frequent question among tactical gear business owners…”What kind of market would a military notebook computer have?” To answer that one can simply say, “A BIG market”. With the military being an ever growing industry it’s bound to have a first ride on any technological advancements that come to light.  In this area they can’t just use your everyday laptop or desktop. Those are no where near qualified when it really counts and all the action unfolds. In this case they use what’s known as ‘Rugged Computers’ along with traditional computers, but we shall focus on the rugged.

Many people are not know as to what a Rugged Computer actually is. I admit even I was unaware of the name and how common they actually are. In all honesty, these types of computers are more relevant than we think though. Everyday people in the military, industrial and commercial fields use these devices in office and out to carry out daily tasks and commitments. Now stay with me….I know that it’s not a big deal that they can take a computer from inside to outside because you can use computers anywhere in this day and age. These computers are on a whole different level. Let’s be real for a moment…How far can you take your average computer before you start to worry about impending damage? Not very far in most cases. Personally, anytime I take my computer from one area to the next I’m cautious. One wrong move and that’s lights out for your precious computer. That’s not the case with these bad boys. They are the heavyweights of the computer world.

What is a Rugged Computer?

A Rugged Computer is a computer designed to operate reliably in harsh usage environments. In places where most computers are at risk of serious damage, the rugged based ones are made to stand up to the task. These conditions include:

  • Strong vibrations
  • Moisture   
  • Dry
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Dusty
  • Drops and Falls

This means you can conduct work routines safely  without worrying if your device will be safe or not almost anywhere. With these devices you’re able to station yourself in vast situations and get the job done without extra stress. Creator companies of the rugged devices put these devices up to many tests to see if it can handle everything different environments have to offer. Most types of ruggedized laptop computers can even withstand a 4-foot drop to concrete. Not carpet or wood, but non porous concrete. That’s amazing in itself when most stationary laptops can’t handle a fall of your lap. Talk about durability! These devices are built tough, built to last and built to endure the toughest of conditions with ease.

Areas of Use

Even though anyone can find a way to utilize rugged devices, standard use is commonly business use. Many professional communities depend on these products to be able to properly do their jobs. Within these communal companies they often do work that interacts with the common everyday person. So in a way even if we aren’t aware of these computers, we depend on them too because we depend on the facilities using them. The list is constantly adding up when it comes to who all professionally use these rugged computers. Some of them include:

  • Mining and Metal
  • Power
  • Chemical
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Adventure Sports
  • Other

Just looking back at those different areas you can imagine the turmoil a non protected device would be subject to. Debris, fluid, heat, gravity fluctuations and falls are just the tip of the iceberg. In these areas you want the device you have to be reliable and durable…just like rugged computers are made to be. All involve different environmental situations that call for a more protected device. This saves these companies thousands a year in equipment prices when it comes to their devices. Who doesn’t like to not only find what works but save money in the long run?


When the words “Rugged Computer” are mentally processed, the first thing to come to mind is the computer. Luckily enough we just don’t have stationary computers anymore. Technology can now go where we go. The rugged market actually  segments into many usage areas. They have handled devices, standard computers, laptops, industrial structures, and tracking devices. Each year the people behind the curtain of these technological advancements come up with more ways to make rugged better. They have grown from just being used in industrial or military settings, to being used in our own homes if we want.

Achievements Within the Device

Now owning a Rugged Computer is a great thing in itself but you want to make sure you have the right products for your needs. Just because it’s meant to be durable doesn’t mean it’s durable enough for you or your company’s needs.

Rugged Computers by CP Technologies has began to bypass the competition recently by taking rugged to the next level. They are the first rugged computer and displays manufacturer to go into integration. This method creates a new opportunity for the industry to reduce cost and lead times while improving compatibility with many current operating systems. As part of this new method, CP Technologies now offers a comprehensive Integration Service that provides the computer, LCD display, storage, keyboard, network switches, routers and power management devices in either a transit case or 19” rack.

In other words they make it easy to bring in their devices and blend it in with your current system. CP estimated that this new method can save DoD end users and Primes 20% in overall costs. It doesn’t seem like much initially but it’s like switching files from an Apple device to an Android. It’s possible but takes more time and effort because the operating systems are not 100% compatible. Now imagine being a company that has a production or goal to meet and your new rugged devices don’t flow on the same systematic wave…..that is money and time lost. This new development from CP could greatly benefit all users.

All in all, rugged computers are definitely here for good. Many military and industrial personnel are already well acquainted with these marvelous devices and thanks to progress we are also able to join in on the fun. They may not be the most visually appealing or compact devices…but who’s to say that within the next few years Rugged Computer can’t be.


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