The Trending Prom Vehicles of 2019

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As prom season comes to a close for the juniors and seniors in 2019, I have to say that my stretch limousines were not as busy as I had expected.  In previous years, especially before the 21st century, high schoolers could not wait to get picked up and transported in a beautifully looking white limousine.  They would travel with one or two other couples and the groups were much more intimate.  The guys would treat the ladies like queens for the evening and go along with every picture opportunity that presented itself.  The women envisioned what it would be like on their wedding day.  Getting out of a limousine with a handsome man dressed in a black tuxedo. 

Now, things are a little different.  The boys, and you will see why I call them boys in a minute, dress quite differently.  You will rarely see multiples dressed in a black tuxedo with glistening black shoes.  It happens to be more like a baby blue suit with a pair of bright red jordans.  Or maybe a bright white tuxedo with a pink shirt.  The girls still dress up as beautiful as ever.  Yes, the styles have changed so in that case there is a difference.  After seeing this change slowly become more dramatic over the years I have finally put a though to it all.  It is great to see the men in their high school proms acting more of their age.  In the past century they were prompted to act and present themselves in a specific manner.  Where as today they can hang on to being a kid as long as possible.  Life is short.  And once you’re a grown up you realize you wish you had spent just a little more time being a kid. 

Adding to the change of the past years prom seasons is the way the high schoolers travel to and from the venue.  As I said earlier, my limousine requests are not as high as they used to be.  Many people get together with anywhere from fifteen to thirty people and book a party bus rental as there transportation.  The teenagers normally will meet at a friends house, along with parents and other family members, to take photos before the prom.  Then our party bus will arrive to pick them up.  The teens have a blast with the led lighting and surround sound music system in back.  They have room to stand up and dance at stop lights, which they love to do, and feel like they are the star of the show. 

One limousine company in CT currently has two party buses and is planning on purchasing two more.  They have been requested for bachelorette parties, wine tours, and charters to sporting events.  While the intimate feel of a stretch limousine may no longer be the preferred way to travel when groups are larger than six, I am certainly excited for this new change to have emerged.  I believe this is will also benefit the limousine companies who decide to capitalize on this movement.  And, you will be sure to get a ton of free publicity since the party bus makes for amazing photo backgrounds.


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