The 5 Most Comfortable Recliner Chairs

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A recliner chair can be defined as a type of armchair or sofa that can recline when a user lowers the chair back to lie down. This chair can be used to sit and lie down, depending on the mood of the user. The chair comes with a backrest that can easily tilt backward, and it also comes with a footrest, to help users lay comfortably, instead of a bed. Some people have recliners in different parts of their homes to give them the same comfort that a mattress and pillow would. The footrest that comes with the recliner chair is often extended with the use of a lever on the side of the chair, and when it clicks, it cannot go back. However, another type of recliner chair automatically pulls out the leg-rest when the chair is tilted backward. Another name for a recliner chair is known as a lounger. Some people prefer a recliner chair to their beds because it is comfortable and easy to sleep or sit on, but unlike the bed, you cannot tilt from one side to another on a recliner chair, because you may fall.

The old types of recliner chairs were made from bamboo trees, and had no way of adjusting, but modern recliner chairs are nothing like that. The current models come with a more improved feature of automatic leg-rest. Recliners can be used in different places, including airplanes, to give passengers comfort, especially on a long flight. The officials know that a human may not be able to stay in a sitting position for long hours, hence, when it is time to sleep, the attendants will ask every passenger to turn their recliners into a prone place for them to sleep.

History of Recliners

In 1850, the French people brought about a reclining camp bed that could be used as a chair, and base longue. The chair was quite portable and could fit in anywhere. This chair also came with padded armrest and a steel frame, which made resting more comfortable for people. As time went on, many companies introduced different designs of a recliner that came with various features. These different features were added for people to pick the different features that they liked.

There were two Americans at the time, known to be cousins; Knabusch and Shoemaker. They were known for making wooden recliners, and the same design that they used, was found in the other recliners, made by the French people. Also, in 1959, a man named Daniel F. Caldemeyer established a patent name as National Furniture Mfg.Co, which was situated in Evansville, Indiana. His recliner was unique because it was said to be made based on the science of kinetics, which he learned, while he served under the US Air Force. Later on, his design was accepted and used by NASA for a project called Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. His recliners were very useful for the missions, and this was documented in a movie titled Apollo 13.

5 Common Recliners

There are five typical recliner chairs used in the modern world today, and they are known as;

Lloyd Black Leather Reclining Chair

This type of recliner is small, and it does not have the feature of stretching backward, but teenagers can sleep on it in a cuddled form.

360 Swivel Massage Chair

This recliner chair is worth the money because it is comfortable, and comes with a padded armrest and heat massage.

Giantex Manual Recliner

This recliner is small, and cannot be used by someone who is 6’ 4” and above, however, it is one of the most comfortable recliner chairs to assemble.

Mikayla Recliner Chair

This recliner chair is designed specifically for nursing mother, and it is one of the best recliners ever to be produced. It is easily assembled and has a leg-rest feature.

Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner

This recliner chair comes with a massage function that affects the upper and lowers back at the same time.


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