Top rated tourist attractions in Sydney

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Sydney is definitely one of the popular and loved cities that are visited by numerous tourists from all over the world. If you’re wondering why this is so, its thanks to its outstanding beaches, large shopping centers and great museums. The city itself is bustling with life and you are sure to enjoy every moment spent there. Sydney never disappoints with its numerous tourist attraction sites. Here at places to visit in Sydney, you get everything that you are seeking about this great city located in Australia. Here are some of the top rated tourist attraction sites in Sydney;

Sydney opera house

The opera house is actually among the most renowned buildings in the world. People from all walks of life come here just to marvel at the beauty of this building and its surrounding environment.  Its main highlight is the sloppy white roof that appears like a huge ship getting into the sea. The opera house is a center for performing arts featuring a concert hall and three theatres. If you want to have a fun day, then the opera house is the place to be. Furthermore, there are chains of bars and restaurants within the building. You can opt to have an organized tour of the building and get to know more about its history.

Darling harbor

The Darling harbor is an iconic tourist center that attracts both locals and international tourists. Here you will find various shops, restaurants that serve mouthwatering meals, exhibitions and museums. The children will enjoy spending some quality time at the Sydney aquarium and the Sydney zoo. Nearby there is the Australian National Maritime Museum that will take you back in history. You cannot complete your visit without going to the IMAX theatre that has the largest screen you have ever seen.

The Sydney tower eye

Aside from the opera house, the Sydney tower house is another great landmark in the city. This is the tallest building in Sydney soaring above the sky at 309 meters tall. It rises from the centerpoint shopping mall and offers all round views of the city and its surrounding environs.  There is an enclosed platform that is designed specifically for viewing and has a glass floor. The tower has a revolving restaurant and café where you can enjoy some meals. That’s not all, a 4D cinema is in the tower too that takes your theatre experience to a whole new level.

Bondi beach

You will agree with me that spending some time out on the beach is one of the most enchanting experiences. The Bondi beach with its golden sands and exquisite waves makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You will not run out if things to do here. Indulge in the various watersports, shop in the diverse markets, take a walk along its coasts or surf in the water the choice is all yours. Surfing is reserved for the southern side of the beach because of the strong waves that are experienced at this area.


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