Best Way to Compress Videos Online

Online Video compression can sound like a lot of work, but if you knew how to go about it in the easiest way possible, wouldn’t that be awesome? Videos, unlike songs and applications, take up a lot of space on our devices, and instead of streaming online, people would rather download a video online to watch at their own time. When the memory space of a phone or system is too full, it prevents people from getting varieties of songs, videos, and applications, so they have to delete some files to free up memory. However, if you were told that there was a way to get more videos that you want online in your devices without having to delete some files, would that not make you happy? Indeed, it would make anyone happy.

Why Do People Compress Videos?

There are so many reasons why people compress videos that they get online, on their devices, and one of them is to make sure that there is enough space for other things. When you want to download a video, you are often given the option of downloading the mp4 version, or the HD version, which is quite bigger in most cases. The HD version of your video is usually clearer, and more fantastic to watch. Hence, people compress videos so that they can watch quality videos that are not at the expense of their memory space on their devices.

What is the Best Video Compressor?

There are so many video compressors online, but one of the most reliable and valid is It is as an online video compressor that helps to reduce the size of a video without any issues. It works by resizing the video to make it smaller so that it can fit easily into the memory space of any device. So many people have no idea how keepvid works, but those who understand how efficient this video compressor is, have had nothing but good things to say about it.

Steps to Compress Videos with

There are three major steps to compress videos with keepvid, and anyone who can learn these steps will be able to compress large videos into small sizes anytime they want. They include;

1. Add the Video From Your PC

When you open the keepvid application on your laptop, add the video that you want to compress by clicking on the add video sign, or by dragging the video file to the add sign on your PC.

2. Choose the Output

The next thing to do after you have added your video from your PC is to choose to what quality you want to compress the video. Choosing output means that you decide the quality you want the video to come out in. You can make other changes in the advanced settings if you wish.

3. Compress Video

After you have chosen what quality you want the video to come out in, the next thing is for you to click on the compress video button on your screen, and watch the magic that performs. This process is determined by how long your video is, and it is advisable that your PC does not go off during the process of compression.

If you still have questions on how to compress your videos to your taste, then you need not go far, as is here to answer all your questions.


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