All you Need to Know About Chelsea vs. Arsenal in the Europa League Final

Everyone is in high spirits as the 2019 UEFA Europa League Final will take place on May 29, 2019, between English Premier League rivals; Chelsea and Arsenal. A lot of tension is in the air as these clubs will be playing survival of the fittest on Wednesday by 3 pm. So many fans have already started talking about this fantastic match that is set to occur in some days, and there are a lot of things that people need to know. Both clubs are playing for the second time in the Europa League, and Chelsea won the competition in 2013, while Arsenal finished in second place in 2000.

If you have no idea what to expect from the Europa League Final, you have come to the right place, and this article will also teach you how to find the coverage for pre-match, breakdowns of the match and how to stream Europa League Highlights.

How to Stream

So many people have issues when it comes to streaming their favorite matches, and this is sad because they do not get to watch the epic moments of goals and defense going on, on the pitch. However, that is all in the past as this information will help you find out how to stream the Europa League Matches effortlessly.

The Europa League match for Chelsea vs. Arsenal will air on B/R live, and the kick off for the game will start at 3 pm, so anyone interested in streaming the match can get the B/R mobile app on their phones or systems to stream flawlessly. However, for those living in the United Kingdom, the match will be broadcast live on BT Sport.

Pre-Match Coverage

This coverage for the match will begin at 2 pm courtesy of B/R Football Matchday, followed by the presentation of trophies and celebrations of managers from both clubs.

Who Will Be the Home Team?

For this match, Chelsea will be given the honors of the designated home team in the Europa League Final, while Arsenal will be the away team. Chelsea is serving as the home team because, in 2013, the team’s bracket was made the home team when they won. The gunners, also known as Arsenal, will be playing in their customary white and red jerseys, while Chelsea players will put on blue jerseys for the match.


Chelsea and Arsenal are two great clubs, and the tension to see them play is high because they were on their best performance in the Group stage, where they made their ways to the top of their groups respectively. Chelsea came out on top of Group L, after contending with some strong teams, while Arsenal came out on top of Group E. For this Europa League, Chelsea has not lost a single match, and Arsenal has to losses in their records.

People want to know what will happen between Chelsea vs. Arsenal, but it will help if you watch the highlights from Chelsea vs Arsenal video, to pick which side you will be on in this season. Both clubs have met each other on several occasions, and we can only expect the best experience on May 29, 2019. 


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