Top Home Improvement – Flooring & Renovations Contractors in Coquitlam, Vancouver BC

Finding a home renovator can be somewhat difficult if you don’t know what to look for. When you’re hiring a flooring and renovation contractor in the Coquitlam, Vancouver BC area, you want a great experience, and don’t want to get jipped, right? Well we’ve got you covered and we’ll tell you a little bit about what you can do to get the top home improvement contractor available, and what to watch out for.

Do You Want an Interior Decorator?

Interior design is a field that some contractors may specialize in but are very limited in how they do it. Some will simply just do interior decorating, while others may only do interior construction and remodeling. The best thing you can find is someone who can do both of them, and ensure that you are satisfied 100 percent with the results. Why? Because you deserve to not have to pay two separate fees. Everything will be on one bill, and you can even build more of a rapport with that contractor so you don’t feel like you’re just another customer to put on their portfolio.

Speaking of Portfolios

Most contractors will have a portfolio of some kind. If they don’t, or they don’t really have a solid reputation, you may not want to make them your perfect fit for your needs. Of course, you do have to understand that some contractors are just starting out, and if they are, they should tell you. Don’t expect a super-cheap price, but don’t pay too much for their services either.

Flooring Renovations

When you’re replacing your floors, you need to think about what your family type is. Not only this, but your contractor should be able to give you some solid advice on what would be best depending on your situation. If you have some rambunctious kids who like to spill things a lot (which most children do), then you may want a hardwood, laminate, or a Resilient LVT and LVP floor covering to both decorate your home, and protect it from those elements. Kids can be very tough on buildings. Your walls should be considered in these choices as well if you’re having them work on those.

Are They Insured?

Hey, accidents happen, and it’s important that the company you hire is fully liable for their own issues that may arise. Don’t be afraid for proof of contractor’s license or even insurance information, so you know you wouldn’t be held responsible for any mistakes or accidents that can happen. The best contractors have all been proven to have insurance, and will be licensed (many will even show you their proof of license too.


The renovation contractor – RenoDiz is just one Vancouver’s many different contractors, but they provide an exceptionally qualified experience for your home renovations and interior design. They have a great team that knows how to do flooring projects with ease, as well as give you styling options from true experts. Not only that, but they are one in the handful of contractors that will actually give you a completely free estimate and consultation, whereas others will usually include this time later on in their fees.

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