Kepdit Founder Jennifer Brooks Welcomes ‘Holiday Spirit,’ Announces Holiday Sale

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Kepdit has become a well-known and sought after brand for assorted and curated items for your home. From art and wall decor to items for personal use – a variety of products are available along with a wide price range to choose from. You can find it all on Kepdit – an exciting platform which is an integral part of Jennifer Lynn Brooks’ entrepreneurial journey.

Despite being a high school drop-out, a mother of of 3 children with no formal qualifications, let alone run a business, Jennifer has built an empire and established four companies. She has announced the “Holiday Spirit” sale which shall be launched on the website soon.

Jennifer – the Mother, Wife and Entrepreneur

Jennifer is the epitome of the modern woman – a free spirited independent lady who always knew what she wanted to do. Hailing from Dade County, Florida, she quit school in the 8th grade. However, Jennifer followed her passion and dove into entrepreneurship which led her to start four businesses which are largely successful today.

After marrying her high school sweetheart, Jennifer had three beautiful children. She started posting pictures of her children and received a great response. As fate would have it, her photos were noticed by media agencies and her children became child models. This led her to explore the world of social media and use Instagram to create influencing posts. Several brands approached her for endorsement as an influencer.

Jennifer was always extremely passionate and loved to explore new ideas while networking with like-minded professionals. Jennifer’s drive came from the fact that she wanted to help people achieve their goals with financial freedom.  She created the following businesses out of Social Media Marketing and Network Marketing-

  • Social Media Marketing ( International Loops LLC )
  • Drop Shopping ( Kepdit )
  • Network Marketing  – Travel – Jifu
  • Influencer- Jennylynnebrooks

She is now the owner of multi-million dollar businesses, having worked with more than 3000 clients. She now has a reach of 500 million+ through her network of viral Influencers who are part of her brand campaigns and followers.

Business Inspiration

She is thoroughly inspired by Jordan Belfort, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Grant Cardone and hopes to show people how dreaming and working hard can achieve everything. In this day and age of social media, she wishes people would use this power much more effectively.

Jennifer swears by networking and a personal touch. She is available for her clients 24 by 7 and can be reached anytime. She is a super-charged personality and keeps pushing the envelope for her own skills and what she brings to the table.

Her advice for budding entrepreneurs is to keep their noses in the pulse of the people who are following them. Starting from a small influencer group is the way to go. Once you build a reputation for an expertise, use it to create products and services slowly. Start with just one product and see the impact and influence. Tweak the strategy as you go along.


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