Top 3 Best Press Release Distribution Services You Can Trust

It is pretty hard to run a business efficiently and also guarantee success at the same time. With the increase of competition, especially in the online market, PR and marketing have become very important aspects that are pre-requisites for the success of a company. Although there are many methods that improve the marketing of a company, press release distribution is the most time-tested and proven method that is known to bring great results. Press releases help in reaching out to journalists as well as potential customers and boost the success rates of a company.

Therefore, it is important to ensure the best possible efforts behind the building of a robust press release distribution infrastructure, which guarantees the success of a company. However, if you are new in the field or your company does not have the infrastructure required to take care of press release distribution all by itself, taking the help of a professional press release distribution service provider is the best possible option. It is important that you select the best press release distribution service, so as to guarantee perfect results. This article has made the selection of the best press release distribution services by listing the top 3 companies that reign the market at the moment.

#1 Linking News

Linking News is one of the biggest PR and press release services that are available in the market at the moment. Being in the business of press release distribution services, Linking News has built a network that is strong and dependable for getting your press releases distributed in an efficient and effective manner so as to ensure maximum success for your company. The network that Linking News has been built over many years of experience in the field and consists of talented and dedicated professionals who are always working towards finding innovative techniques to boost the sales of your products and services and promote your company to the highest standards.

The stellar network of Linking News consists of as many as 10,000+ media outlets, 1,000+ social media networks and 30,000+ journalists that are spread around the globe working tirelessly to promote your press releases in the best possible manner. The global reach of Linking News’s network extends to regions in Asia with over 2,000 media outlets in China being part of their global business. Linking News understands the importance that distribution of press releases plays in the success of a company and therefore provide their services in a passionate and professional manner so as to make sure that all the desired goals of your company from the standpoint of marketing and PR are realized. Linking News is also the market leader when it comes to the distribution of successful press releases and they have been able to reach this feat owing to the guaranteed results that their robust infrastructure promises. Linking News is justified to hold the title of the best press release distribution service in the industry.

Linking News understands the importance of your press releases getting featured in some of the biggest platforms in the media industry owing to the exposure and success that it guarantees and therefore has a list of reputed names that play an important role in distributing your press releases in an effective manner. These affiliated companies that Linking News has as part of their eminent network includes names like FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and Reuters. Getting featured in platforms that have as much viewership as the aforementioned names guarantees, that your press releases will get the ideal exposure needed for promoting its products and services successfully. Linking News also understands the importance of privacy in the distribution of press releases and therefore has made their innovative White Label Press Release distribution service available to their customers. As part of the White Label Press Release distribution services, Linking News promises that none of the press releases that they distribute for you will bear the brand name of Linking News. They further ensure that Linking News’s official website will not publish the press releases that they distribute for you, thereby guaranteeing privacy and anonymity regarding your PR and marketing strategies.

The White Label Press Release distribution service is also ideal for marketing and PR agencies, who might hire the services of Linking News and help, distribute the press releases of their clients with private labels of their own. These features, therefore, make Linking News the best press release distribution service available at the moment in the industry.

#2 Newswire

Newswire is a press release distribution service provider that is based in 5 Penn Plaza, LLC, and New York. It is one of the best press release distribution service providers available in the market owing to the efficient and easy services that they provide. There is a set of minimum standards that have to be met in order to avail the services of Newswire. Newswire insists on these standards so as to improve the efficiency of their press release distribution services. The rate of visits by journalists on Newswire is greater than that of any other site and this ensures that the press release distribution services that are provided by this company have the chance of being the most viewed and creating a larger impression on the minds of the readers than those distributed by other press release services.

The level of credibility that Newswire enjoys is one of the biggest qualities of this company. The business card and logo of companies for whom Newswire is distributing the press releases are attached along with the distributed press release so as to assist journalists in being able to download them if he/she so wishes. Newswire is decked with all the essential features that are pre-requisites of a good press release distribution service provider. One of the biggest advantages of using Newswire is the huge network that it enjoys. Being connected to all the major search engines in the industry, Newswire has a very stable outreach to help your press releases get the exposure that they deserve. Owing to this reason Newswire has become one of the most trusted and valued press release distribution services all around the globe. Google News and Yahoo News fall under the scope of Newswire, with your press releases being distributed on media outlets of such eminence if you choose Newswire as your press release distribution partner.

Another feature that is highly valued and loved by the users of Newswire is the search and database feature that the company has, which allows for an integrated platform allowing you to look through all the different services that the company has to offer at the ease and accessibility of one single platform. Newswire has various packages that are best suited with your specific needs and requirements, therefore not costing you any extra money for services that you could do without. It is for all of these innovative and loved features that Newswire has to provide that it is one of the best press release distribution service providers available in the industry.

#3 PR Log

PR Log is a very basic type of website that offers their press release distribution services to industries of all shapes and size. Starting from small business, to medium ones, PR Log is efficient in distributing the press releases of huge companies as well. Various directories are also part of the services that are provided by PR Log. These directories include job listings, press releases, products, and businesses, which can be sifted through by visitors of the website in order to find out what they had been looking for.

Various tags and categories are part of the services offered by PR Log, whereby you can store your press releases as part of the most convenient tag or directory, making it easier for your desired audience to find your press releases. Video and multimedia press releases are also supported by PR Log, making it one of the best press release distribution services in the industry. Press releases that you might have uploaded at an earlier time can also be searched through the completely accessible database that is maintained by PR Log. SEO optimization along with the inclusion of logos and pictures that are specific to your company can also be added to the press releases that you distribute through PR Log. PR Log is easy to use, with options for taking your press releases live being available at just the click of a single button. Partners like Google News and other notable search engines are part of the network that PR Log enjoys. PR Log is very serious about the press release distribution services that it provides.

Owing to this they have employed the most favorable and advanced tactics when it comes to the distribution of press releases for their clients. However, the anchor text that you include within your press releases is not very optimized in PR Log and the press releases that you distribute through them do not get enough republications on other sites as one would want from a press release distribution service. Barring these drawbacks, PR Log is one of the best sites when it comes to press release distribution and their dedicate RSS feed is the best justification of their title as one of the best press release distribution services that are available in the market at this moment. If you are looking for an efficient site where you can release and host your press releases, PR Log is the best choice for the job.


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