Matthew Sauvé reveals what it was like to be the ‘face’ of multiple brands over the years

Branding is not always about the product or service being promoted but also about those who own and represent the brand. It is the face to the name that the audience associates with, so much so that after a point the face of the brand becomes the brand itself, or the other way round.

Meet Matthew Sauvé, a former officer of the law and stand-up comedian, an actor, and the ‘face’ of multiple brands throughout his career. Right from national multi-media conglomerates in both Canada and France, to major department stores, airlines, and North American movie theatre and hotel chains, Matthew has run the gamut of branding exposure.

Speaking on his journey as being the face of multiple brands, Matthew comments, “It was an honor to be associated with some of the leading global brands. It does feel great to know that when people see the marketing campaigns of these brands, they see me as someone they can relate to and not just the name of the company.”

Matthew is an international multi-award winning actor from Toronto, Canada. He is known for his acting talent and has been recognized and awarded across various film festivals around the world. He was nominated 13 times for Best Lead Actor, of which, he walked away with 9 awards.

Although it’s been a short time since he made his debut in Hollywood, Matthew managed to bag roles in more than 40 films and 30 TV commercials. He was conferred the jury award for Best Actor at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival in 2017 and Best Lead Actor at the Madrid International Film Festival in 2017, Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in 2018, North Europe International Film Festival in London, and South Europe International Film Festival in Valencia, Spain. To add, he won the Best World Actor award in September 2018 at the Austin Revolution Film Festival. He was also nominated for the Best Lead Actor category with Vincent D’Onofrio.

Of all his work, Matthew Sauvé gained immense popularity for his performance in the drama short film ‘One Night Stand’ as Travis. Besides movies, he has also appeared in the music video ‘Singing in the Rain’ by Simple Plan. The music video topped the U.S. charts on Ryan Seacrest’s weekly Top 40, and the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Before acting in movies, Matthew has also tried his hand at stand-up comedy from 2009 to 2012. He was given an opportunity to perform for Saturday Night Live alumni Tim Meadows for all his five shows in Canada in 2012.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Matthew graduated from Durham College with a diploma in Business and Marketing. Since his family was less inclined towards acting as a profession, he followed his brother’s footsteps to join the Police department. But after 12 years of serving as an officer of the law, Matthew realized that he had to pursue his passion. In no time, he left his job to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor. He focused on his natural skills and trained himself hard on acquiring professional finesse.

Matthew personifies the drive, the glamour, the ambition, the persistent obsession to his craft, and more than that, his talent that speaks more than words for itself. His knack of mutating into characters is incomparable.


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