How To SEO Your WordPress Website

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If you’re looking to get more search engine traffic from your WordPress website, you’ve come to the right place. This article is going to share with you the most important tips for getting more visitors on your website through on-page SEO.

Simply follow the instructions on this guide to ensure your SEO success in 2019 and beyond.

Make sure your site can be indexed

The first thing you need to ensure is that your website can be indexed by Google. This is the number one most common reason why your website will be getting no traffic.

To ensure this isn’t the case, log into WordPress and hover on Settings, then click on Reading.

That will then load open your WordPress reading settings. Scroll to the bottom of this page and look for where it says “Search Engine Visibility“. You want to ensure this is NOT checked.

Optimise your title tag

One of the few ranking factors we truly know about Google is that the title tag and the H1 tag on your website play a major role in where it will appear in the search engine rankings. So it’s of paramount importance that you optimise your title tag around your keywords for SEO and do so in a compelling way to insure a high click through rate. To learn how to edit your title tag in WordPress click here.

Use Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress and allows WordPress users to complete a variety of what was once complicated tasks in a matter of seconds. Almost every on-page SEO task can be completed within Yoast SEO. Things like sitemaps, open graph data, and even tips on how to optimise your page are all achievable through Yoast for free. To download Yoast SEO click here.

Write at least 300 words

If you’re trying to rank for any keyword at all, you need to be writing an absolute minimum of 300 words on your webpage. Although some people may think this is hard to do, the reality is if you cannot write 300 words on any given topic you shouldn’t be writing about it. The search engines need to index the content you have written so if you write a very small amount of content, there isn’t much for it to index.

Write compelling meta descriptions

Despite what a lot of people might tell you, the meta description doesn’t actually have much impact on your position in the SERPs. People that are keyword stuffing their meta descriptions are missing the point. Your meta description should actually be used as your ad. What can you say that will encourage people to click on your listing in Google? Whatever that is… Say it.

Because having a high click through rate will impact your rankings – and having a keyword stuffed meta description will not.

Utilise a proper internal linking strategy

The only safe way to build links to your website is through internal links. Internal links are links from one of your web pages to another. You cannot get penalised from internal linking and so if you are not an experienced SEO, internal linking is by far the safest way to go. It can also help the users experience on your website too, so it’s a win-win. To learn more about internal links, click here.

Take advantage of the WordPress blog

The WordPress blog is by far the greatest blogging system online right now. Even if you do not think your business could benefit from blogging, believe me… It could!

There are several benefits that come with blogging. For starters you establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Because if you are talking about how to do things, or what’s going on… you clearly know what you’re talking about. Plus, if your blogs start to gain traction in the search engines, you’ll often see a boost in the rest of your pages too.

The bottom line is, Google does not like websites or web pages that are low on content. And so blogging is a great way to get more content on your website.

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