Tips for Running an Efficient Open House

An open house attracts lots of potential buyers, with realtors noting that at least 20% of their sales are the results of successful open houses, according to an article on Whether you’re hosting one of your own to help your house sell quickly, and for the price you’re hoping to garner, or you’re working with a real estate agent, these tips can help increase the odds of a positive outcome.

First Impressions Matter

Before anyone comes strolling into your house, you’ll want to make sure that it’s looking it’s best. Whether you’re in a neighborhood of Cincinnati or a suburb, curb appeal is everything. That means touching up any cracks in the walls, freshening up dull paint, and even purchasing a few new things to make the overall property look more appealing. It wouldn’t hurt to install a new sink or garage door if they’re looking dingy and worn out, and one of the most important things you can do is to get rid of clutter. It doesn’t cost a thing, in fact, you might even be able to make some money selling a few items.

Have a Cleaning Frenzy

Clean up what you can around your place, but even better, hire a professional cleaner to do an especially thorough job. A pristine looking house is critical for getting those offers, and it would be a huge mistake to allow the property to look any less valuable than it is.

Give Them Something to Take Home

Having a tidy home is essential for an open house, but it’s also important to have something that potential buyers can bring with them after they view your home such as flyers that list the special features and include high-quality color photos. Literature that reminds those buyers what’s so great about your place, especially after they’ve toured many homes, is likely to bring them back.

Create a Neutral Environment

When trying to sell your home, it’s best to store any decor or items that might be controversial for potential buyers along with personal items like family photographs. While you’ll obviously be taking those items with you, leaving them their can present a negative impression, and/or make it difficult for people to see themselves living in your home.

Pick an ‘Off’ Time

Many open houses are hosted in the late morning or early afternoon hours, which is why it can be beneficial to have one set up for later in the day. That way there will be less competition with neighboring houses and people might consider seeing your home during a time that not many other houses are open for viewing.

Be Absent

No one likes to be watched while shopping. If you have a realtor, it’s much better for both you and your pets to be elsewhere when potential buyers are viewing. The real estate agent will be there to answer any questions, and if necessary, they can always give you a call. That way they’ll feel less pressured and not as likely to scurry out the door quickly.


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