PetsMart’s $3-Billion-Dollar Baby Business,, Going Public

Petsmart Pet Store: Opening IPO For

In 2017, Petsmart acquired the Google search and SEO dominator of pet products, .  The price to obtain this booming internet business was $3.3-billion-dollars at that time.   The retail giant had plans to analyze the business model and utilize the massive traffic volumes. As technology totally changed the retail world, it was Petsmart way of leaping into the future.   Now, the pets’ goods ecommerce shop is looking to take thing to the next level.  Petsmart filed to get a public IPO, which will raise billions for the brand.

How much is it worth?

According to Business Insider, took a loss of $268-million last year, 2018.    It netted $3.5-billion in sales however, which is still quite impressive.  One ‘great idea’ could absolutely make the company turn into a  profitable powerhouse.  Likely this inspiration will have to revolve around social media, as companies like Instagram, AirBNB, and Youtube are savagely gaining ‘green’  due to there relying on the public’s energy to fuel their business models.

If the Chewy IPO does go live as blogs report, it will likely begin around a stock price of $47 per share.  This is a ‘blind’ estimate, pricing it between Pinterest and Lyft’s May 2018 value.   The ecommerce shop ranks somewhere between the two in popularity, so it’s mildly presumable prices will reflect this.

Professionals expect the public IPO offering will raise $4-billion-dollars for Petsmart’s infant recently required brand.   Such resources would indeed make many pivotal moves possible.

2018 Petsmart x Chewy Woes

This move to go public is a bold move. has struggled in the last year with brands that are known for being serious with providing high quality to pets.   This is said to be the backlash of changes made by Petsmart post buyout.  Chewy than began to accept and/or favor brands viewed as lower quality by breeders and pet professionals.  Companies like Fromm Family Foods and Champion Petfoods pulled their products (read) from the ecommerce  shop after it sold out.

PETA also is warning people against because of the ties to Petsmart.  The animal protections group reports that the pet goods retailer is cruel to animals and a ‘pet mill’ with great marketing and public facade.    PETA even has even went as far as to generate video content of various blunders from the Petsmart facilities (watch here), where animals were brutalized and poorly taken care of.  However,  in defense of Petsmart, other professionals have come out to counter the claims with indisputable proof that in nature animals do have accidents and do things to cause self-injury.

To correct this trend, Petsmart could make a lot of positive strides and hire a modern day marketing collective groups such as Promotion Agents to celebrate  the changes.  It would help clear a lot of press from search engines that discourage pet owners from buying, as they may only see the negative aspects of the business like this.

The last troubling issue for Chewy was the move to take the online store out of creditors reach.  Petsmart racked up $2-billion on debt to secure the store and than made it so debtors could not take control of it.  All of this after the $268-million-dollar drop in sales.    Such moves have been done by retail giants like J.Crew and Claire’s store in the past.   It can be a smart option for a company to take, even without deep reasoning. However, it could also be a sign that troubled times are ahead.    

Still Growing through the trouble

Though it had the troubles,’s corporate growth has been amazing.  A positive of 2018 was its opening of a 690,000 square feet facility in Dayton, Ohio. The pet good business opened over 600 jobs in the Buckeye state to begin taking care of internet orders and the handling of over 30,000 products.

“I’m so pleased that Chewy has picked (a location near the) Dayton International Airport for its new facility,” said the Ohio city’s Mayor, Nan Whaley.  She continued, “This news demonstrates that the airport continues to be an engine of economic growth for Dayton and the entire Dayton region.”

All Financial Problems Fixed

If the IPO offering does raise $4-billion-dollars in revenue, all debts would be cleared for Petsmart x Chewy. In addition to the cleared debt, the company would be left, with over $1-billion left to allocate.   If the right moves are made and the ecommerce site returns to the upward trend it was experienced when purchased,  this could be a great investment for those into stock trading. However, Petsmart would have to accept that needs become the Whole Foods grocery store for pets.  The original base of customers at the website expected quality over quantity and losing it’s core retailers has proven to lose a lot of the e-store’s core consumer base.

Watch a video below on Petsmart’s acquiring of Chewy.   According to the report, this was the most expensive acquiring of any online store, at the time it happened.


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