Five Ways To Make Your Home A Craftsman Style Home

Do you enjoy the elegance of a craftsman style home? Check out our comprehensive guide below to see how you can turn your house into a relic of American craftsman style!

What Is A Craftsman Style Home?

During the 1920s, American architecture witnessed a massive change, in which many styles of housing emerged. One of them is the craftsman style, and its popularity is still here with us today.

Designers usually refer to craftsman style as the coziest and most comfortable type of home planning. While its most notable feature is the pervasive use of wood, you can still add more details to your ideal decoration.

Are you excited? Let’s scroll down to see how you can build up the most impressive craftsman style home!

Five Ways To Build Your Home With Craftsman Style

1. Use gable decoration

Gable decoration is a must-have component of any craftsman style home. Having a cedar gable under your pitch has more than just one merit.

On the one hand, a gable can endure the pressure of the rooftop. Thus, it bears the weight of your pitch and makes sure everything is in its place. A gable can be beneficial to keep your house pitch in good conditions. Yay!

But besides that practical purpose, gable decoration can also act as a charming ornament. There is a variety of shapes for a gable, many of which are stunning for your craftsman style home. A well-placed gable surely will give a long-lasting impression on whoever visits your house.

2. Maximize the use of wood trim

If you can’t afford to buy fancy wooden furniture, don’t worry. A craftsman style home can make do with wood trim instead. Your windows should be a top priority for in this decorative aspect, so remember to put a layer of wood on all sides.

Another option for you is to try wainscotting. You don’t have to wainscot the entire space. All you need to do is to select a few open spots such as the living room or the kitchen, and lay out a wooden cover on top of the surface. Easy game!

3. Dark-colored beams

One of the things that make your home a craftsman style comes from installing beams. Wooden beams, in particular, will give your ceiling a retro look that you are looking for.

4. Vintage accessories

Craftsman style dates back to the last century, so no wonder why the interior decoration of a craftsman style home is full of time-honored vibe.

If you want to replicate this atmosphere, try using antique objects. Anything from hanging photo frames, candle holders to vintage books or bohemian cushions will be helpful.

5. Built-in furniture

A distinctive trait in all craftsman style homes is their emphasis on built-in properties. You step into the living room, and you see a built-in TV shelf. You walk past the bedroom, and there is a hidden closet inside.

No matter what it is, a built-in appliance breathes out the flavor of a true craftsman. If you want your home to have the retro-American sensation, you should consider having built-in features scattered all over your home.

To Sum Up

Having a craftsman style home works well on all of us. It is comfortable, it is graceful, and it never fails to amaze the visitors! Why choosing to live in a mundane house when you can enjoy the exquisite taste of craftsman design?

We hope our guide has given you some ideas on how to improve your craftsman style home. If you find this advice helpful, please do not hesitate to share it around.


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