7 Essential Tips for Success on the Ketogenic Diet

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Keto diet food ingredients

The keto diet is a regimen of low carb and high fat which pushes your body into a fat burning mode which is known as ketosis. Ketosis is a usual metabolic process that helps the health tremendously. During ketosis, your body changes fat to ketones and makes them a source of energy.

Research has revealed that ketosis helps not only in shedding fat but can also be helpful for type 2 diabetes and neurological disorders, among others. However, getting to the state of ketosis will need done work, planning, and dedication. It’s not just as easy as cutting down carbs. Below are steps to follow to get to the stage of ketosis successfully;

1) Excessive cut down on carbs

Intake of as little carbs as possible is the key to a successful keto diet. Usually, your body’s primary source of energy is glucose or sugar. However, most of your cells can get fuel (energy) from other sources. The other sources can be fatty acids also known as ketones. Starchy food like bread, pasta, and rice should be avoided. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy foods like low carb taco bell and fathead pizza.

2) Add Coconut Oil to Your Diet

Taking coconut oil will help you get to the state of ketosis. It has fats called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are easily absorbed into the body, and it goes to the liver where it’ll be converted to ketones for energy.

Consuming coconut oil for people with Alzheimer’s and other nervous system disorders is one of the best ways to increase ketone level.

3) Increase Physical Activity

Exercise rids your body of its glycogen stores. Combined with minimal intake of carbs, glycogen store will remain low. Additionally, working out while in a fasting state increases ketone levels. Note that although exercise increase ketone secretion, it may take a while for your body to get adjusted to using ketones and fatty acids as primary fuels.

4) Increase Healthy Fat Intake

Taking healthy fat will speed up ketone levels and aid ketosis. Keto diet is dominated by fat so you should take healthy sources of fat like olive oil, avocado oil, bananas, coconut oil, butter, lard, and tallow. However, make sure you’re not taking too many calories as this can delay weight loss.

5) Go On a Fast

Another fast way to get to ketosis is to go for hours without eating. It might be a short fast or a long fast. People go through mild ketosis between dinner and breakfast.

6) Keep Up A Moderate Protein Intake

Getting to the state of ketosis needs a moderate protein intake, not excessive. Taking too much protein will lead to muscle mass while excessive consumption will stall ketone production.

7. Check Your Ketone Level Periodically

You need to check your ketone level periodically to know whether to adjust your diet. You also need to check your ketone level to make sure you’re close to your goal. Ketones can be measured in your breath, blood, and urine. Ketosis before and after aim is fat loss and muscle mass gain.

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