5 Things to look for in Vape Juice

If you are new to vaping, a little guidance in the right direction will assist you in picking the right product to put in your vaporizer. These are some of the aspects that those who have been vaping for a while scout the market looking for. This means that wherever you are, you can spot a good product by your own standards.


When thinking about the brand of e-liquid to use, think about how important the choice of brand is for you laundry detergent, bread spread or even shoe polish. The brand represents a level of guarantee of quality, safety and consistency. A brand that has been in the market for a while must be doing the right thing and this is what you must associate with. One of the most sort-after vape juice products for its trusted brand name is the Swagg Sauce vape juice.


This is like picking your favorite flavor of soda from a brand you love. There is no doubt about what you want because you have probably tasted it before and are sure you want to use it again. Quite frankly, e-juice flavors are literally in the thousands so you might want to try out flavors made by different brands before sticking to one.

Nicotine content

Ranging from zero to 50mg, you will experience different hit levels with different e-juices in the market. The amount of nicotine for every product you buy is clearly indicated on the label so you always know what you are inhaling. Those who are in the process of dropping cigarettes for vaping, 6mg of nicotine is sufficient. The common and widely recommended nicotine level in an e-liquid for its ability to bring out best flavor is 3mg.

Fluid base

E-liquids can either be VG (vegetable glycerin) based or PG (propylene glycol) based. If you are looking for a strong hit, go for PG because VG offers smoother hits. The VG based types are however preferred if you intend to show off thicker cloud of smoke.


For a long time, marketing professionals have toyed with our psychology and made us believe that expensive is synonymous with high quality. Well, this is true when it comes to e-liquids. E-juices are expensive to produce and it is therefore natural that the price of the best will be high. Be wary of options that are extremely cheap to a point of disbelief as they could be compromised in quality and generally unsafe.


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