Best features of hackathons that you should definitely know

So you are planning to participate in your first hackathon right? Amazing it is good that you are taking steps towards growth. There are many businesses that are investing in hackathons to have a taste of progress. The amount of benefits you get from a hackathon depends completely on your ways of experiencing it. 

You can also think of using Hackathon software if you are conducting the hackathon online. Actually, whether online or offline; hackathons can be aced through your effective moves and professional vision. However, talking about hackathon from the lens of a participant, there are some things rather features that you should not miss. Following are a few things you should keep in mind for the best learning experience.

You should have a balance

Every single person has their own skills to bring to the table. It is good if you try meeting other people with different skill sets for your team. It is not at all a wonderful feeling when you realize you’re missing somebody with design, mobile development or public speaking   experience.  You know to have varied inputs also assists with dealing with problems, forming ideas and seeing issues in a new light. Certainly if you are going there as a team then make sure that you have all the people from different arenas so that your structure or formation does not appear to be weak or lacking. Since you have individuals from different working areas, you can be sure that every person takes care of his or her work and ensure you utmost effectivity.

Help is always helpful

Yes, these hackathons are wonderful learning opportunities. Typically corporate sponsors bring along mentors in the shape of User Experience Designers, Software Engineers, professional executives and Web Developers to help in new technologies, bug fixes or even that of problem solving.  Of course, employees are a wonderful resource and they are more than glad to lend a hand.    The point is that if you have any issues with anything or you are doubtful about any concept of the hackathon; it is better you take help. You should not hesitate to ask for help. There would be learners, professionals and people from different fortes. If you know that you can do it well but you have some lack of clarity about the procedure or similar things; make sure that you take help of other fellows. 

Time management is the key feature

You know to have 24+ hours to form an app sometimes appears like a long time, but you are going to be surprised at how quickly it goes by.  Talking with your team regarding setting up a project plan on how long it shall take to form or develop every single part is important. For example, from 2 PM – 4PM is for that of the tasks related to hard coding, 4PM – 5PM is for UI design, 5PM – 5:30 PM is for twists and bug fixing.  Come on, you would not want to remorse spending so much of time on any one feature or issue, otherwise you risk having an unfinished item at the end.

What about the network?

Well, as much as you are going to be focusing on your app or item, don’t forget to interact with people. It could seem intimidating to socialize with individuals outside of your team or friends, but all the people are there for the same reason and you already experience so much in common like (hacking!). Some of the individuals you meet could turn out to be your friends and you could see them at another hackathon down the lane.  Of course, networking is one such feature of hackathon that should not be missed at all. You get to find so many talents, skillsets and intelligences blending less than one roof. Ah, you might end up getting a perfect talent for your business or maybe a person to be in touch with for future growths!  You never know what the hackathon offers you if you are ready to grab it.

Do practice the sample

Of course, after twenty four hours of coding it is somewhat easy to overlook the significance of your demo. You will have extremely little time to validate to the judges the main features of your thing or product and why people should be fascinated or enthusiastic to use it.  Now here is the feature that you have to ace well before. You have to practice giving your pitch to your team beforehand and it would definitely better help prepare you for the judged sample. In case you have a great idea before attending the hackathon, it would be good if you try pitching it to your friends, family members or acquaintances.  Of course, it is better to face the criticism or praise beforehand so as to modify the things accordingly or stay ready for everything that comes your way.


Confidence is one important feature of hackathon. Whether you are the host or participant; you have to ensure that you are confident. In the absence of confidence you cannot pitch your ideas or keep across your views.  Once you keep your views or pitch your ideas or item confidently; you get the positive vibe to win the hearts. Certainly confidence is one such thing that you can learn in hackathon. Even if you lack hackathon you might end up boosting your confidence extensively. Certainly, once you are told to come on the stage and face the audience with your product; you have to be confident. If you are not confident, nobody would have any confident in your products.  The point is you would feel confident during the procedure of making the product and you would get the confident from within once the time to present your thing comes.


So, once you know about all these features along with other features; you can know how to organize hackathon with ease and participate with excellence.


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