7 Reasons Why Basketball is the Best Sport in the World

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Basketball is a double-edged sword, but in a good way. It is a fun contact sport for the players and it is exhilarating fun for the spectators. This game is action-packed and thrilling. This is probably why basketball arenas such as Rupp Arena in Kentucky always attract more spectators than their official sitting capacity. Also played by some of the greatest and most recognizable figures in the world, advertisers, marketers and manufacturers love basketball. At the games, they get the opportunity to display their ads to ready audiences of tens of thousands of spectators, who can easily be persuaded to make purchases they do not need, at the heat of the moment.

Here are 7 reasons why basketball is the best sport in the world, to everyone:

You can play alone and actually enjoy it

You just need a hoop at home or a court and then continue trying to dunk the ball all alone. Not many other types of games are as enjoyable when you are playing alone.

You may even buy a basketball return net so that you can make playing alone even more effective. To make your playing more purposeful, just be determined to make a certain number of shots and do not wind up until you have done it.

It is good exercise for your body

The reason why we do not enjoy exercise is because we set out purposefully to work out. However, when you decide to play basketball, in your mind, you feel that you are playing, not working out.

You eventually end up working out almost every part of your body. This can easily become the best way for you and your children to work out in the evening. Exercise enhances the release of feel good hormones making you happier.

It is played in an indoor arena

This means the conditions are controlled and even the weather cannot disrupt the game. Air conditioning and humidity is spot on. This “perfection” makes you feel right at home, plus the snacks and the beers that you can buy inside the stadium. Say for example, the environment in Rupp Arena basketball stadium is something you will love to enjoy a game. You can buy Rupp Arena tickets here.

Every player can do anything

Of course, there are positions for each of the five players in a team. However, these positions just mean where one will stand at the beginning of the game, or the so-called lineup. After that, any player can shoot the ball, pass it along, dribble it and so on. It is not like soccer where only a few people get the chance to score. In basketball, any player can shine.

It is easy for kids to learn

If you have a high-energy kid who has been showing some restlessness, get him or her to start playing basketball. After all, the rules are so easy to learn such that many enthusiasts know them even before they learn how to play.

The players are very fit

Most of the time, these players are tall, muscular, agile and lithe at the same time. Frankly, it is a marvel for both men and women to watch such perfect machines playing.

The basketball court is small enough

This is a big advantage to players as well as the spectators. As a spectator, you can see all of the court. As a player, you do not get too tired because you do not run far.

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