Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Uses, Benefits, And Side Effects – What is HGH Exactly!

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is an important hormone produced by the pituitary gland (also called the pituitary gland). This hormone is also known simply as growth hormone, and plays a key role in growth, body composition, cell repair and metabolism. As the name suggests, it is essential for the normal growth and maturation of our body. Human growth hormone is necessary throughout life (although in varying amounts) for the maintenance of normal functions of different cells and tissues in our body.

HGH also promotes muscle growth, strength and performance in physical exercise, as well as helping to recover from injury and illness. Low levels of HGH can negatively affect your quality of life, increasing your risk of disease and making you gain fat. Having the ideal levels of this hormone is especially important during a weight loss process, an injury recovery and the search for an improvement in performance.

Synthetic human growth hormones are now available only with prescription. Human growth hormone is available as injections. These are usually advised in children who have certain underlying disorders that would have resulted in decreased production of growth hormone in their body. Human growth hormone is also prescribed in cases of adults suffering from growth hormone deficiency, either due to certain underlying disorders or due to increasing age.

Are There Any Real Benefits of HGH?

It has been observed that the administration of human growth hormone in adults suffering from deficiency of growth hormone increases bone density and muscle mass, decreases body fat and also increases exercise capacity. In addition, it can also have other benefits such as: reduction of cholesterol levels and improvement of cardiac function.

Some studies at Kingsberg Medical, a research institute & clinic, have also reported improvement in mental health in adults who tend to suffer from some psychological conditions that are related to decreased levels of growth hormone in the body. Human growth hormone has also been advised in adults with muscle loss or weight loss due to certain specific underlying disorders such as AIDS. While it tends to improve the growth of children suffering from growth hormone deficiency, it improves muscle mass and bone density in the case of adults suffering from growth hormone deficiency. Adults who have low HGH usually feel exhausted, grumpy, and generally out of shape. Taking the best hgh supplements can help older people feel their younger self again.

The effects of human growth hormone have not been extensively tested in healthy adults and clear health benefits of human growth hormone have not been reported in healthy adults. According to the few studies available, the administration of human growth hormone in the case of healthy adults has been associated with an increase in muscle mass and a reduction in the amount of fat in the body.  It has also been observed that although human growth hormone increases muscle mass in healthy adults, it does not improve or increase resistance levels as much compare to other benefits. However, it should be remembered that further large-scale studies are needed to confirm the initial findings reported by these small-scale studies. On the other hand, several researchers have reported that a cheaper and effective way to gain muscle mass and energy is strength training.

What are the side effects of human growth hormone?

Numerous studies are also being conducted regarding the use of growth hormones in elderly individuals, in which the amount of growth hormone has been gradually reduced due to the increase in age. The use of human growth hormone within the prescribed limits in the case of children and adults suffering from human growth hormone deficiency is generally not associated with any major side effects.

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