5 Reasons to Vaporize Weed Instead

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If you are interested in the idea of enjoying cannabis but are turned off by the idea of smoking it, don’t be. Today, a lot of individuals that do not enjoy the prospect of smoking have turned to vaping, which is a safe and convenient way of enjoying the benefits of cannabis.

Vaping vs smoking weed

Weed is one of the safest and most beneficial drugs out there. Whether you prefer using yours recreationally or for medical purposes, there is no denying the numerous benefits of smoking it. However, smoking weed often released emissions that cannot only be harmful to the environment but also to the smoker particularly when respiratory health issues are concerned. As a result, most people have now turned to vaping as it is a much better and safer alternative to smoking weed directly.

Reasons to vaporize weed instead of smoking it:

You get higher

A weed vaporizer allows you to get much higher than smoking a joint ever would. This is because vaping does not compromise the quality of the chemical compounds and since vapes produce vapor, you will be able to absorb these components much faster than you would when smoking.

For the obvious health benefits

Hot smoke, which is produce when one ignites a blunt or joint, can irritate the mouth, throat and lungs. If you have respiratory problems such as asthma, smoking can worsen such conditions because other toxic chemicals such as tar are also released. Smoke also has a tendency to make one’s mouth dryer than normal. When using vapes, on the other hand, no combustion takes place, which leaves you with a cleaner result that is a lot less harsh on the body.


Unlike smoking, you do not have to roll a joint, which is a skill that requires practice before one can perfect it. Vaping is ideal because all one needs to do is load the chamber with finely ground herb before it can be smoked.

It is discreet

Even though weed is now legal and accepted in a number of states, there is still some stigma that comes with it. As such, there are smokers that prefer discretion and the unwanted strong smell of smoking is eliminated when one vapes.

Cost effective

Vapes only require a relatively small amount of dry herb while blunts and joints require quite an amount. Therefore, if you are trying to save money, vaping is a much cheaper option. Furthermore, because vapes do not burn the herb, the used herb can be reused for other purposes such as baking or making edibles.

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