How to Customize Architect Christmas Cards

Nine more months to go and it’s already Christmas again. As a trend, most of us do our shopping a couple of weeks before Christmas. This becomes a problem because there’ll be quite a lot of people shopping in stores. Unless you enjoy long queues, I suggest you shop for gifts earlier or personally make them. You can also send out architect Christmas cards to your architects. You can either buy these cards from stores or make them yourself.

What Are Architect Christmas Cards?

Architectural Christmas cards are just among the different types of Christmas cards. Many architecture firms send these cards to their clients and employees during the holidays. Architect Christmas cards usually reference activities for architecture. They have designs like notebooks, pens, and miter boxes. They also have designs like tracing papers, cutting mats, rulers, and a lot more. This makes them appropriate not only for the holidays but also for architecture firms. Clients and employees love them because of their designs.

Architect Christmas cards are customizable. Customization plays a big role when it comes to sending Christmas cards. This allows large firms to connect to their employees and clients through the message conveyed.

The Effects of Customized Christmas Cards

The ability to customize Christmas cards allows the company to send unique messages to different clients and employees. The architecture Christmas cards may involve designs that the recipient can relate to. But why is it important for companies to customize their Christmas cards?

  1. Christmas cards from an architecture firm can invite potential clients. Architect Christmas cards showcase designs that are present in the architecture industry. This can entice potential clients to do business with the company.
  2. Christmas cards depict the company’s appreciation to the clients and employees. A company that shows appreciation to their clients and employees can motivate them to perform well. Better performance can lead to more revenue.
  3. Sending Christmas cards to employees can improve business relationships. The relationship between the company and the employees strengthens. This positively impacts the company’s attrition.

How to Customize Architect Christmas Cards

Before we talk about the steps in making your own Christmas cards, there are a few things that you need to remember. The cards need to have different architectural styles. There should be more designs like these instead of Christmas designs. This would make them different from the average holiday cards you see at the stores.

Below are the steps to customize your Christmas cards:

  1. Pick at least three architectural styles. When creating a Christmas card for an architect, you need to make sure there are at least three architectural styles. One architectural style will only make the card look plain and less remarkable. You can choose a Gothic design as the first architectural style. And since it’s Christmas, the snow should always be there.

The biggest challenge here is merging the holiday theme with the architectural styles. You need to be creative in coming up with a design. You may look up some pre-made designs to inspire and help you with your own design.

  1. Think of a concept. After you have picked three styles, you need to visualize how you want the Christmas cards to look like. This way, it’ll be easy for you to start designing. Think of where to put the Christmas attributes. There shouldn’t be many Christmas details on the card.

The purpose of customizing the Christmas cards is to add a personal touch to them. The recipients should feel appreciated after receiving the cards. That means the designs you’re going to use should relate to the recipients.

  1. Use the best paper for your Christmas cards. There are different types of paper you can use for your Christmas card. The most common one that a lot of people use is cardstock. You’re sure to get the best results with cardstock.
  2. Personalize the message. If you’re the recipient of the card, you’ll probably prefer a personalized message instead of a simple “Happy Holidays!” That’s because you know the card is intended for you. The same goes for the architects. It adds to the feeling of being appreciated if the message is written only for them.
  3. Don’t hesitate to include your services. We mentioned above that Christmas cards from an architecture firm can entice potential clients. The architectural designs play a role in attracting them to do business with your company. At the same time, the deciding factor would be the services your company has to offer. And the easiest way for them to see that is through the Christmas cards.
  4. Add the company’s logo. A company’s logo includes the company’s name and visual imagery. This imagery serves two purposes. First, it tells people the name of your company. Second, it creates a visual symbol which represents your company. The logo on your Christmas card gives a powerful symbolic association that is connected to people’s memories.

These are very helpful tips you can use this holiday season. But not all companies can succumb to making personalized Christmas cards. The good news is there are companies that offer architect Christmas cards. Where can you find one?

Where to Purchase Architect Christmas Cards?

Let’s not forget to send our appreciation to our great architects through Christmas cards. They never get tired of making blueprints and designs. Let’s make their Christmas memorable with architecture Christmas cards. There are so many stores you can choose from but which store has the best Christmas cards for architects?

Ziti has a wide range of creative designs for architecture. You can use them to build branding and loyalty to your company. Building a loyal client base is not an easy job. The same goes for maintaining strong connections with clients. But with the help of Ziti and their Christmas cards, these tasks are easier.

You shop and order their Christmas cards online. If you can’t make your own cards, Ziti is there to help. They can change the font styles and sizes to make each card unique. The best thing about them is they also offer free samples for you to see!


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