3 African Countries you should totally visit

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Visiting Africa is one item many are yet to cross off their bucket list. If you think it’s time to get it done, you may want to pay extra attention to learning some basics about a few countries in Africa you most likely have heard being tossed around in travel conversations.

Let’s get into it

  • Nigeria

This is the most populous nation in the African continent and arguably one of the most popular. This country is located in west africa and it boasts of a population of over 200 million people. Nigeria is a democratic nation formerly under british rule and this makes the most widely spoken language in the region english. Over 250 ethnic groups exist in this nation with each one having a local dialect. That’s insane if you get to think about it for a second but on the flip side, it offers an opportunity to experience diversity when you do visit.

When travelling to Nigeria, Lagos presents the best experience if you’re looking to enjoy a super urban lifestyle with high level energy. Abuja, the capital city gives you a more high class but expensive ambience. Tourist attractions are scattered all over the country. A quick search on instagram will return results of travel guides and tour curators that have collaborations with airlines like Dana Air to help you get the best travel rates. 

In case you’re wondering, the food in Nigeria is great. The local delicacies show how basic food produce like cassava, corn, yam and much more can be made into unconventional food varieties.

  • Kenya

Kenya is an east african country with a population of over 52.2 million people. The nation is made up of 7 major ethnic groups and known in the international community for its amazing wildlife. Nairobi is the nation’s biggest and most commercial city. In recent years, Kenya has kept a rising profile for tech innovations and investment in Africa. As a traveler visiting this nation not to make investments in the tech sector, the wildlife and interaction with locals is most probably going to be the highlight of your stay.

The major animals present in the kenyan safari include the Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Zebra, Cheetah and Elephant. If you’re wondering why there’s much emphasis on the wildlife in Kenya, that’s because you just have to see it. It’s such a beautiful experience.

  • South Africa

South Africa is the largest country in Southern Africa and the 25th-largest country in the world by land area and, with over 57 million people, is the world’s 24th-most populous nation. Almost everyone knows about Mandela and how he helped in the fight for the country’s independence. This fact alone is good enough for many people to want to visit South Africa.

South Africa is a host of so many tourist attractions that we can’t possible cover every single one of them here. Cape Point Nature Reserve, Groot Constantia, Cango Caves, The Big Tree at Tsitsikamma, Bloukrans Bungee, Addo Elephant National Park, Jeffrey’s Bay, The Big Hole, The Apartheid Museum, Gold Reef City, and Lion Park are just a few of the numerous places to visit in South Africa.

If you’re curious about other african countries that didn’t make it to the list, Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania, Morocco and Seychelles are other top destinations for both first time travellers and nomads that want to experience what africa and its people feel like. 


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