Tankless Water Heaters: Why so Popular?

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So what’s the craze that makes tankless water heaters so popular? Tankless water heaters offer hot water with less energy compared to the most efficient heaters to save space, money, and energy.

Water heater is significant in every home. Why do you think so?

Some of the possible luxuries with hot water include clean laundry, sanitized dishes, and hot showers. Which is why manufacturers are becoming more and more innovative in enhancing their water heaters with the latest technology. They aim to come up with water heating units that are sustainable and environmental-friendly. This leads to the evolution of tankless water heaters, which become the best for consumers in search of an alternative to the conventional storage tank water heaters.

Tankless water heaters now become popular since then.

More and more homeowners prefer these water heaters because they are more compact and smaller than the traditional heaters. With the absence of water storage tanks, these models are more flexible in terms of home installation.  You can save in your closet space.

Another perk you can get from a tankless water heater is the limitless amount of hot water it produces. You won’t fell short of hot water since it heats water on demand. It produces hot water throughout the day so no shortage at all. Such is a big difference with the storage tanks with limited hot water supply and frequent shortage before fulfilling every homeowner’s needs.

In terms of efficiency in energy consumption, tankless heaters are the best making them the smart choice for consumers who are environmental advocates. They provide unlimited hot water while staying at minimal cost and using energy efficiently. They can help you save 30-0% energy costs over a period of time. There are available federal tax deductions for your energy efficient appliances for cost-effectiveness.

You won’t worry about the costly and messy leaks on your tank due to the absence of stored water in the tank. Storage tank units may develop rust over a period of time, which may affect the water’s purity. On the contrary, you will have fresh and clean hot water every time you use a tankless heater.

While the traditional water heaters last from six to 12 years, their tankless counterpart usually remains operational in as much as 20 years. Recycling storage tank heaters can be a daunting task as may require significant space in landfills. This makes the tankless heater more doable and environmental friendly.

You can use tankless water heaters in commercial and residential capacities. These units are available in electric, natural gas, and propane models. They can be properly be installed and maintained by a qualified, certified plumber. 

Just like any other home appliances, there are also drawbacks with tankless heaters.  They can initially cost three times than the storage heaters. Installing them may also require an electrician for the additional circuit in your home.

They provide a great number of benefits for those consumers searching for an energy efficient method for water heating at home. The savings you can get from them may eventually pay-off their initial high cost.

You run out of water almost every time, what should you do?

Make a viable decision now and invest to the best tankless water heater before it’s too late. As mentioned a while ago, these units are very beneficial. They are compact as their size is likened to a suitcase which you can hang on the wall. These units are safer since they won’t spill a huge amount of water when leaked. It does not require much effort to winterize them.

More importantly, these heaters feature digital connectivity with their Wi-Fi compatibility. This technology allows you to monitor hot-water and gas usage and adjust the temperature through your phone. Another thing is their capability to determine the source of any possible problem of the unit. You can relay this information to the plumber for immediate repair or solution.

If you are still using the traditional storage tank water heaters, maybe it is now time to upgrade and be a more efficient homeowner with a tankless water heater.   


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