What Do Premium Funeral Packages Include?

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Death is inevitable. There is no way you can plan your death unless you are committing suicide. But you can always plan on how your funeral will be. It is depressing to think of having to leave your friends and family for the unknown, but that’s how life is, and all you can do is hope for the best.

Planning a funeral

It is odd to plan your funeral, especially when you are not certain when your call will come. But with various funeral companies offering instalment packages, you can always lessen the burden of funeral payment from your family members. If you can invest in a good funeral plan now, you will not only help your family to save thousands, but they will not have to worry about your funeral too.

Several funeral packages exist like the classic plan, the prestige plan, and the premium plan. The premium plan offers comprehensive coverage of all the rituals followed in a funeral. From the coffin to embalming the dead body, the funeral company will be in charge of everything. Here’s what the premium package will include:

  • Taking the deceased to the Funeral Director’s premises. Most funeral companies operate 24 x 7. So, time is not a factor for them.
  • The company will arrange for a coffin. It can either be mahogany or solid oak, depending on the option you choose. The casket will have panelled sides, double raised lid, superior gown, lining set, and solid brass furniture.
  • Your family members will get guidance on collecting the registration of death, and other official matters that may be required.
  • The funeral company will allot a cold chamber where the body of the deceased is kept. They will also take care of the embalming.
  • There will be facilities to view the embalmed body before the funeral. However, your family will have to provide the clothes that will be put on your loved one’s body after embalming.
  • All the arrangements of the funeral will be taken care of by the Funeral Director. The company will hire bearers of the coffin and the driver of the car to send the body from the embalming facility to the funeral spot.
  • Depending on the facilities offered by the funeral company, there may be two limousines and a hearse, and the cortege may leave from your local address. The cars will proceed to the nearby church where the Funeral Director will deliver the last prayers. You will then move to the burial place or crematorium.

The entire cost of premium funerals can cost upwards of $6,000. There will be a few add-ons such as doctor’s fees to provide the cremation certificate, cremation fees, and fees to minister an officiant.  You may also have to pay for planning fees to the funeral company. These packages are often budget-friendly if you make a deal with the funeral company to pay in instalments for the next 25 to 30 years. Consult with the company and find the package that will suit your budget to avoid last-minute tension for your family members.

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