5 Important Signals To Let You Know You Need A New Roof

Living in a permanent home is one of the best things that could ever happen to anyone on Earth, but some people ought to know that nothing lasts forever, especially building materials used to build a house.

Factors like wind, raindrop, and whirlwind have been known to cause damages to the rooftop of people’s homes, and this is disheartening because no one wants to sleep in a house that becomes flooded in minutes. An apartment is supposed to be a safe place from getting drenched, and if you don’t know when to get a new roof, these signs will help you.

Aged Roof

If your roof is approaching its 30s, then you need a new roof immediately. Usually, roofs last for some years, after which they should be changed because they are now Rusty and rugged, and any strong wind will cause them to collapse.

When you have lived in a house for 30 years with the same roof, then you need a roof replacement, and this can be done with the help of a professional roofing contractor. When this happens, you are free to go on for other long years before you need a change again.


A leak is one crucial reason why many people decide to have a roof change, but sometimes people try to work around the situation by using bowls to extract the water coming from the roof, but this is not ideal in any way.

When there is a torrential downpour outside, and you can see drops of it from the roof into your home, you require a new roof, and it will not take a long time to get it fixed.

There are a lot of things that cause roofs to leak suddenly, but when this happens, apply for a roof replacement immediately.

A Neighbor Gets A New Roof

Nobody wants to be the one with the worst looking roof on the block, so when neighbors are getting a new roof to make the environment beautiful, upgrade with them.

A good sign that your roof is now too old to fit into the environment is when you see other people on your block getting roof replacement. It doesn’t matter if the neighbor who’s getting a new roof is not friendly, all you need to do is learn from such change and emulate it.

Black Circles

Black circles or streaks on your roof is another sign that you urgently need a new roof.

These black circles are caused by Algae which may not cause any harm to the roof but will make it look ugly.

Cracked Roofs

A leaking roof is one thing, but a roof with too many cracks is not only ugly but disastrous. If such a roof breaks finally, the people living in the house may be severely or mildly injured depending on the damage caused by the cracks.

When next you find out that your rooftop is cracked, do not wait to be told because it’s time to get a new roof.


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