Huy Nguyen is an Entrepreneurial Inspiration

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The world is full of people who run businesses. But not everyone is an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is not just a profession, it is an identity of an individual and a lifestyle. It is a mindset that drives the individual to take on the path less traveled and never look back.

Huy Nguyen is one such young entrepreneur worth noticing. A Certified and Licensed HVAC Contractor, Huy owns and runs AMS ColdPro, LLC, an air conditioning contracting company in Houston, Texas and has made a name for himself and his business in the city. However, his entrepreneurial journey has not been easy.

Born in Houston, Texas from a Vietnamese war refugee family, Huy Nguyen is the son of well known famous singer Thanh Tuyen. He completed his high school education from Katy High School and went on to pursue his graduate degree from the University of Houston. But during his junior year, he decided to embark on a different journey of life, without the conventional systems. In his teenage years, Huy did what every teenager does and worked his way through as a busboy, waiter, tire shop technician, retail store sales and accounting.

After he dropped out of college, he took up a job as an accountant for five years. After various ups and downs in his personal and professional life, he finally got a job as an air conditioner installer at a minimum wage of eight dollars an hour. Despite the remuneration not being promising, Huy held onto his job. He put in his hard work and efforts to grow as an expert in the field. He found inspiration in his employer and aspired to be a business owner like him. 

Over the next four years, Huy worked in three different companies. At every place, he would master one aspect of technology and learn how each ran their business. He observed, learned, and unlearned. He calculated the mistakes and derived lessons on what not to do when running a business. It was at this time that he realized that he wanted to have his own HVAC company. From an installer, he quickly learned and got his certification to become a Service Technician. After four years of mastering his skill, Huy then applied to take the exam for the State Air Conditioning License. He passed and became a licensed air conditioning contractor. Without any second thoughts, he invested all his money into his first venture. A business that he started with 20,000 dollars turned into a million-dollar enterprise in two years.

Very recently, Huy Nguyen also started his second company – The Cargo Crew LLC. A trucking, freight, and logistics enterprise, Cargo Crew transports goods, services, and supplies across the United States.

Hailing from a family of singers and musicians, it was not easy for Huy to embark on a different path all by himself while getting himself into trouble. But his sheer determination, hard work, and perseverance helped him sail through all trials and tribulations. From a college dropout to a successful Entrepreneur, Huy Nguyen has definitely come a long way in his entrepreneurial journey and remains a true inspiration for all.

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