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Taking a plunge into the exciting journey: Chris Yangello

In the big wide world of music and entertainment, Christopher Yangello is a rising star. While most stars are the ones we see on camera, this 16-year old is making a mark off-screen. Also known as Chris, the teenage content whiz works with the REDMusic Label of Sony Music Entertainment. He is known for producing rich and immersive content for music videos, shows, events, and more for the label. Despite being a new entrant in an industry driven by expertise, Chris has made his presence felt with fresh ideas and innovative content creation.

Chris has always been passionate about music and entertainment and started pursuing it from a very young age. Born and raised in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Chris was the second of three siblings. His parents and mentors have been instrumental in supporting his aspirations and encouraged him to follow his dreams. His life is like any other young adult. He is currently enrolled at Devon Preparatory School in Devon, Pennsylvania and pursuing his junior year in high school. But that has not stopped him from realizing his passion. He manages his education, work, and personal creativity in the most efficient manner.

He started handling the camera from the age of 10 and by the time he was 16, he was already creating unique videos for himself and his personal projects. He relied on his keen observation which made him bring fresh perspectives to entertainment. Soon, his work was visible to prominent people in the industry and he was hired by REDMusic as one the youngest content creators. Being young works in his advantage and introduces his audience to something obvious but often overlooked in a video. This has made all the difference to his work. Chris believes that people can only enjoy art when the core content is good and he constantly strives to bring quality content to his audience. 

His creative streak has brought him success and fame in the music business. By creating videos for new and popular artists, he has associated himself with names like Lil Skies, Cash Cash, Jake Miller, Lovely The Band, Lost Boy Crows, 6lack, Logan Henderson, and many such names in the industry. He recently attended renowned music festivals like Made in America, Coachella, and Firefly and created event videos for the same.

The exciting journey of Chris Yangello as an entertainment content creator has not stopped at the music industry. The enterprising youth also independently manages record labels and brands in fashion and music. He also owns and runs a lifestyle brand called Forever, which caters to younger adults like him with its offerings. Forever is a personalized brand in trendy casual clothing and apparel that lets young adults share their adventures with the world.

It has definitely been an exciting journey for this teenager and he is currently documenting his adventures along with his creativity on his YouTube channel. This has garnered him immense visibility and traction on social media, making him a noteworthy content creator. At such a young age, Chris Yangello has more than 150000 followers on Instagram who love his work and support him.


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