8 Easy Ways to Unblock Proxy

Are you having trouble accessing your favorite websites? Don’t worry; it’s a common issue this day. So, you better have a permanent solution. Following, we are giving you some effective guidelines to help you fight off this issue, read them carefully!

1. Via Proxy

The proxy server is an intermediary server which acts on your behalf to obtain the information you requested. It hides your ID and is used to access blocked content. There are many proxy servers available for free use on the world wide web. You can find a reliable server to access blocked websites including Facebook and YouTube if you are unable to access them otherwise.

2. Via Google Translate

Surprisingly, this is another effective way through which you can access blocked websites. You have to convert the URL of the blocked website to your regional language, and you can use this converted link to access the blocked content or website.

3. The Internet Wayback Machine

Internet Archive can help you with your case. It stores past version of any website. As this is not a proxy website, you won’t find it banned. Moreover, you can easily use this website to browse any banned website. You need to search the website and pick any date from the calendar given next to the page of the blocked site. It will help you get the data you want.

In case the issue is on your smartphone (iPhone or Android), then use iSkySoft. It’s a toolkit designed for smartphone users who connectivity and storage issues.

4. IP Address

If you want to unblock facebook, then this is the quickest way to do it! You can access blocked websites with just Command Prompt on your PC. You have to open the application and make sure you use it in Administrator Mode. Type “Ping” and enter the blocked website’s URL. You have to use the IP address to access the blocked website.

5. Use Decimal Codes

You can convert the IP Address of Blocked website to its decimal equivalent and access the blocked website. Find the IP Address and convert it into Decima. Don’t worry. This is not way too complex. All you need to do here is find a reliable tool that will help you do it.

6. Use Google Cache

When you search something with Google, you have to press the triangular icon at the end of Green URL in search results and tap cached. The issue is, you can only see front page or any page you search with the site. This trick doesn’t accommodate you in every case.

7. Mind the System Hosts File

If you are having trouble to unblock youtube, then you better check the System Hosts File of your PC. The easiest way to block a website is from an IP address from your computer. You can block any website on your PC with System Host File. You can find hosts file by navigating to a respective path.

8. Scan Your PC

If you are facing such issues then its best you scan your PC it’s possible you got a malware that’s affecting your PC. So, precaution is better than cure. Make sure you have security measures in place to avoid such issues in the future.

9. Be Patient

When it comes to using a proxy, you have to be patient. When you start using, you have to give the connection a certain amount of time. The amount of time you should a lot depends on the server configuration. You may take this anywhere from one hour. If the connection takes too much time, then you better sever the connection and try it again. Proxies can take some time.

10.Understand How VPN Works

VPN is more of a secure tunnel between your PC and another server. When you connect to a VPN you communicate will travel via that tunnel. This way, the third-party won’t be able to monitor it. This setup will hide your identity and IP Address. So, you can browse the internet freely.

These connections also offer a high level of security as data passes via the VPN channel is encrypted. This ensures your data is safe and won’t be breached. 


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