How To Identify Who Called Via a Reverse Phone Lookup

If you’ve just received a phone call and you have no idea who called you then reverse phone lookup is for you.

What is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is an easy way to trace a phone number by typing the number in a website or directory, and you’ll be able to identify who called you and whether its legit marketing company or not.

How do reverse phone lookups work?

A reverse phone lookup uses a phone number to look up the name and address of a caller.

To know how a reverse phone lookup works, we need to know a standard phone number looks like. A standard phone number has ten digits and have a 3-3-4 format.

The first three numbers are the area code that’s governed by the FCC. The next three numbers are the carrier designation. And the last four numbers are the digits of the line that connects to the caller.

So when the reverse phone lookup is trying to identify a number, the first three numbers locates the city, the next three digits identify the neighborhood or area and the last four numbers identify the line itself.

As long as the number is not private, it will be accessible online.

Some of the websites we’ve listed below will display similar numbers together with precise matches. This is because some companies buy a range of phone numbers and will use some of those numbers instead of one. Seeing similar numbers will help you know if the caller is part of a phone number range or not.

How to Do a Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Heres how to perform a reverse phone lookup:

1. Google

You can use the largest search engine in the world to search for a number and get some really valuable information. You can search the phone number using the search engine, or you can search for a reverse phone lookup website and search for the number that way.

Using the search engine to identify a number is the easiest because Google can quickly identify a phone number. The other option might give you websites that don’t work correctly and waste your time.

2. is the largest provider of US data on the internet. You can perform a free reverse phone lookup on this site. Go to the website and select Reverse Phone lookup and the search for the phone number.

WhitePages covers almost 90% of the American population and millions of phone numbers so there a chance for you to identify a phone number that called you.

3. Zabasearch

Zabasearch is also a large data collector that is worth using.

You simply add the number to the search box and search to identify a phone number.

4. is a free reverse phone lookup service, but you can get an even more detailed analysis for a price. But the free search still runs accurately. Just enter the number on the search box and search to get details on the caller you want to identify.

5. Spokeo

Spokeo is an excellent website that works very fast to identify your caller. The site will provide details on the phone number but will charge you to be able to access the data.


This site has a very powerful and fast search function. Just enter the Phone number in the search box and search.


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