Comedy – It’s bloody difficult

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There is a famous saying “ Comedy is a situation of nightmares”.  It means what’s tragic for you is funny to others. And comedy is being able to share that tragedy with the third person point of view with the emotions of the victims combined.

But that’s not it when you start doing or writing comedy it comes from a very dark place and it always takes a toll on the writer. Younger and younger people are getting into stand up comedy. The rate of depression is higher than ever among young adults and teenagers. That’s why we felt the need to share this information to make the younger crowd better equipped. We collected data from ThankForTheHelp and TopAssignmentExperts to present some facts to you.

It’s not as easy as you think. If you think you can just climb up on stage, tell a few jokes and puns, and money will start flooding in. That’s not true. It takes hundreds of open mics, literally 100 to perfect a joke. Sometimes what’s funny to you will fall flat in a room filled with people. Being on stage when the room is dead silence and finishing up your set takes a lot of courage. And climbing on stage after bombing a lot of determination.

You will need to have patience if you want to make it in this business. Unlike any other thing in life. Success in comedy doesn’t come overnight. It takes months and months of writing, testing, re-writing, testing to write a five-minute set that will get laughter. Sometimes it takes years to earn enough to just pay your bills with comedy.

If you are getting in comedy thinking at least here you will avoid politics. You are wrong. One thing you need to know is artists are the most insecure people in the world. And like any other field of work in comedy a lot of doors open and close based on your networking skills. You will see a lot of people who can’t even tie your shoelace get ahead of you in comedy because they know the right people and they have the necessary skills.  They will get better stage time and there is nothing you can do about it besides keeping your head down and keep working. Because let’s face it. Nobody likes a crybaby.

If you are easily influenced by what people say about you. You will not make it in anywhere. Nobody starts from the top except for the kids of the top one percents in the world. If you are doing good people will talk smack about you. If you are doing bad, people will talk smack in your face and behind your back. Either way, you will get to know about it. You need to have a skin thicker than a Black Rhyno if you want to make it in life. Especially stand up comedy. Because here insults will be brutal and creative. Not to mention even when you are performing you will need to learn how to handle hecklers and you can’t do that if you don’t have a thick skin.

Your work involves thinking from different perspectives, different angels to write what’s funny and what’s not. This can not be done if you aren’t emotionally sensitive. So now you have to be emotionally sensitive and have thick skin at the same time. Not many people can do that. It’s a process that takes a lot of time to perfect. It’s so hard that even the greatest couldn’t manage it. They only learned to hide their sensitive side. Why do you think so many comics suffer from depression?  It’s their inability to master their emotions. This causes turmoil in their personal life too. You spend so much time writing, thinking that sometimes you feel like no one has the depth to understand you.


Do keep these things in mind if you are ever planning to do anything that’s related to stand up comedy. Our only purpose here was to help.

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