Cosplayer Brings Cartoon Characters To Life

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Halloween is just around the corner and most of us can’t wait to start with the all the wild partying.

However, first you need a cool costume. There are endless costumes to choose from, from the simplest masks you can buy to homemade intricate costumes, and let’s not forget the make-up transformation option.

The last costume choice is something more associated with women, but that doesn’t mean men aren’t up for a bit of make-up as well. Like cosplay enthusiast J Stryker.

The make-up talents of this guy are absolutely amazing, and with Halloween coming along, he did a few make-up transformations, bringing Disney’s princes and a few cartoon characters to life,


  1. Samurai Jack


2. Number 1 from Kids Next Door


3. Mandark From Dexter’s Laboratory


4. Fred From Scooby Doo


5. Mojo Jojo From The Power Puff Girls


6. Hercules 


7. Prince Eric From The Little Mermaid 


8. Tarzan


9. Milo From Atlantis


10. Aladdin 


11. Flynn Rider From Tangled 


12.  Emperor Kuzco From The Emperor’s New Groove 


13. Simba From The Lion King


14. Victor From The Corpse Bride



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