If Comic Book Heroes Became Rockers

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When it comes to re-imagining fictional characters, the Disney princesses probably take the top spot as inspirations for these creative transformations, but other pop culture characters from movies to books often have the same fate, albeit not so much.

We can safely say that despite their popularity comic book heroes don’t get re-imagined that often. So, when we do see them in a different light it is surprising and refreshing.

Andrés Moncayo, a New York based illustrator decided to combine two of his great childhood loves: comic book heroes and music, and the result is nothing short of amazing.

He illustrated some of our favorite heroes from Superman to Batman into rebellious rock stars, and as you’ll see, they are cooler than cool.


1. The Rocking League


2. Quick Silver And The Scarlet Witch 


3. Batman


4. Flash 


5. Aquaman 


6. Wonder Woman 


7.  Superman 


8. The Avengers Band


9. Captain America 


10. Thor


11. Iron Man


12. Spider-Man


13. Wolverine 


14. Hulk 


15. Black Canary 



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