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14 Celebrities Meeting Their Real-Life Lookalikes

Really, everyone would be pleasantly surprised if not freaked out over looking at your reflection casually strolling  around in the crowd, and the surprise is even greater when your face matches that with a celebrity or vice-versa.

Lookalikes among celebrities is a pretty common phenomenon.

Spend some time on the internet and you’re bound to find plenty of articles about regular people looking like celebrities, celebrity impersonators, body doppelgangers, really similar looking stunt doubles, historical lookalikes… The list goes on and on.

However, what we rarely see is the celebrities actually meeting their real-life doppelgangers face-to-face. Here are 14 times that happened and see for yourself just how much these people do look alike.


1. Zac Efron and diver Michael Hixon


2. Robin Verrecas and Justin Bieber


3. Jack Black and his younger self

4. Ty Jones And Ed Sheeran


5. Mark Hamill and Sebastian Stan


6. Ellen DeGeneres and Donna Blair


7. Taylor Swift and Olivia Sturgiss


8. Kim Kardashian and Kamilla Osman


9. Adele and Emily Bamforth


10. Steve-O and reddid user zuluke


11. Adam Sandler and Max Kessler


12. Steve Yeun and Matthew Vlossak


13. Jeff Goldblum and his Persian replica


14. Katy Perry and her fan in the crowd




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