A Tribute To 40 Years Of Hip Hop Packed In 4 Minutes

Like many music genres, hip-hop has had its share of evolutionary development, changes and improvements that came along with each new generation.

The original hip-hop music that developed in the 1970’s has branched out in many other music and dance styles, creating a culture and subculture that old and young still enjoy to this very day, standing to the test of time.

There have been many amazing hip-hop artists and enjoyed numerous lyrical masterpieces, so it is a treat to see some of the best hip-hop music has to offer mashed up in one 4 minute video.

The Hood Internet youtube channel did an amazing job of combining 150 songs from over 100 artists who have appeared in the span of 40 years since hip-hop has been around and making this incredible music video.

So, if you are a hip-hop fan, sit back and enjoy this trip down memory lane.

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