15 Whimsical Playgrounds Even Grown Ups Would Want To Try

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Playgrounds are the places where the most cherished childhood memories are made.Safe places filled with endless fun and play, where kids are free to do what they want.

And just as everything in life, playgrounds are meant to change, to get with the times of what each new generation of children find interesting and engaging.

This is a well known fact for the Danish company MONSTRUM, who has been creating and building the most creative children’s park since 2003. They create thematic playground that combine unique artistic and architectural quality, while providing a educational factor.

These imaginative playgrounds provide whimsical sanctuary for children in Denmark, Sweden, Egypt, and other countries, and now you can see why these incredible buildings are so popular.



  1. Tutti Fruity 


2. Third planet from the sun


3. The Towers


4. The Eel And The Lighthouse


5. The Dragon


6. The Crooked Houses




8. The Blue Whale


9. Stjernedrys


10. liseberg


11. Societetsparken


12. Odense Zoo


13. Kristineberg Slottspark


14. Futuroscope


15. Cosmos




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