Navajo Hoop Dancer Gets Creative With This Native Art

It is a sad reality that many traditions are being neglected in the fast-paced modern day living, deemed to be to tedious or outdated to be continued.

However, keeping traditions alive is what we need to do and take more seriously, because we owe it to our ancestors, ourselves and our children.

The native Indians know how to honor their traditions, but not many people outside of their community know about them and the beauty they hold.

The Native Navajo hoop dancing is one such tradition.

It is a intricate dance form needing practice from a very young age. The colors and skill to weave hoops together using all body parts is usually one of the most anticipated things to watch at Pow Wows. The dancers move to the beat of the drum while weaving the hoops and interlocking them to mimic different shapes and animals.

Patrick Willie is one of those hoop dancers that take this ancient art and gives it a bit of a modern twist, dancing the old steps to a slightly new beat. The effect is mesmerizing.


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