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A City That Stands Still For One Minute Every Year

There isn’t a place in the world that doesn’t honor the brave souls who have fallen in battle fighting for the freedom of their country.

To them we dedicate national holidays, songs, name streets and buildings after them, we erect statues and monuments, we mention them in our history books so their valor would never be forgotten. Each country has their own way of honoring their heroes.

Poland is no different. However their way of honoring over 200.000 brave men who lost their lives fighting to free Warsaw in World War II is something we all can learn from.

Each year on 1st August at 5 p.m. the entire city stands still for one whole minute to remember the Warsaw insurgents of 1944 who fought against the Nazi.

It is a powerful sight to behold, which brings melancholy, but also a sense of unity, and gives people a deeper appreciation for the freedom we take for granted.

Here is some of the most powerful footage over the years of this amazing tradition.


How does your country honor their fallen heroes?





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