A Strange And Unlikely Friendship In A Russian Zoo

Animals are driven by instinct and don’t have the same desires and values as people. At least, that’s what we want to believe.

If there is one thing that animals and people do share it is the sense and desire for companionship. No one wants to be lonely, not even tiger Amur from the Far Eastern Safari Park at Shkotovsky in Russia.

It seems that Amur’s loneliness has reached its limit, since he befriended a billy-goat that was brought to him as a meal.

According to staff members, Amur is used to hunting for food and has taken down bigger prey than the goat. Yet. something about this brave goat made Amur accept him as a companion.

Amur and Timur (the goat) are even now enjoying each other’s company, eating, drinking, playing and sleeping together.

Their bond has grown so much that Amur even hissed at a familiar staff member when he tried to approach the goat.

Here is a footage of their interaction and it is really a warm and hope-giving sight to behold.

If they can get along, why can’t the rest of us?


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