A Mesmerizing Two Sword Dance Performed By A Beautiful Young Lady

Hiring female performers for a party is not unusual, but usually they are something along the line of belly dancer.

Would you hire a sword dancer?

The ancient art of sword dancing in Russia is barely being kept alive by small groups of people, like the ethnic groups Cossacks or Circassian, and this girl is probably one of them.

What is so beautiful about this particular dance is that it displays a level of power that doesn’t match the slim, fragile looking girl.

Her talent, elegance and agility are so captivating, that she doesn’t even need to be clad in some sexy, revealing leather outfit, which, by the way, would complement the performance nicely.

But, no. even in her modest dress, this girl will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Forget belly-dancing, This is waaay better.


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