The Hopeful Life Story Of A Girl Born Of Rape Shown In 16 Images

Rape it is the most heinous violation one person can inflict on another.

The physical scars caused by rape can’t even compare to the emotional and psychological damage. Sometimes a child is conceived and when it’s born, the baby is often faced with rejection and hatred, bearing the sins of the father.

But they are not their fathers, and deserve to have a normal and loving life, like any other child.

Many women, children and even men of Goma, a city in The Democratic republic of the Congo, were victims of sexual violence during the country’s unrest.

Today, there are numerous initiatives and organizations that help all those victims and survivors to get back to leading a normal life.

Photographer  Patricia Willocq has created a series of photographs showing “Ester” from her birth as a child of rape to her old age. The models in the images have all been involved in sexual abuse in some way.

The goal is to empower and inspire survivors of sexual abuse and show them that they are beautiful.

One of these images (No. 10) received the 2015 Photography Award for the world’s best picture on the theme of peace.

1.The birth of Esther

The birth of Esther

2. Esther discovers the world

Esther discovers the world

3. Esther’s first steps

Esther's first steps

4. Esther’s want’s to go to school

Esther's want's to go to school

5. Esther and access to education

Esther and access to education

6. Esther grows up

Esther grows up

7. Esther and teenager’s years

Esther and teenager's years

8. Esther’s first love at the Kivu lake

Esther's first love at the Kivu lake

9. Esther gets married

Esther gets married

10. Esther and maternity

Esther and maternity

11. Esther works

Esther works

12. Family time for Esther

Family time for Esther

13. Esther or life as a grand-mother

Esther or life as a grand-mother

14. Esther the matriarch

Esther the matriarch

15. Look at us, we are beautiful

Look at us, we are beautiful

So touching and beautiful.


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