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Man Lovingly Singing Song To His 93-Year Old Dying Wife Will Melt Your Heart

You’d think that an old married couple would have long ago stopped showing affection to each other.

Howard (92) and Laura (93) are proof that you are never too old or too late to show your love.

Married for 73 years, this couple had a love song they sang together and to each other for comforting and serenading that entire time.

They were fortunate enough to live long lives. Now, Laura is almost at death’s door, lying in her hospice bed, and Howard sill sings his song as tenderly to her as when they were young.

After this video was taken, Laura’s condition improved and was even released to spend the her remaining days home.

Here is their life-long love song.

It warms the heart to see that eternal love still exists.


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