The Son Chose A Doll For His Birthday And The Father’s Reaction To That Is…

We preach to embrace differences and respect the choices of others, yet we secretly hope that someone near and dear to us doesn’t turn out to be like that.

For example, if your son wants to play with dolls instead of the socially acceptable boy-toys, how would you react?

This situation actually happened to Mikki Willis, when his son went and chose an Ariel doll as a replacement for a double present for his birthday.

If you’re honest, you’ll say that most fathers would try to do something to correct this behavior, of fear that the son might grow up to be gay.

Mr. Willis’ reaction was a true lesson in open-mindedness and acceptance, and he posted this moment on his Facebook page, where he got over 17 million views. Here is the video.


Give this man the Father Of The Year Award.


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